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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

I'll take my Favorite Things over Oprah's any day; also see: anytime, anyplace.

My parents have completed most of their drive north from Tennessee to Chicago, putting them 3 short hours away from the non-virtual House of Jules; where they'll be staying for the next 5 days. It's already 10pm and I have yet to do some very key things before they arrive.

For instance, I need to make it look like I could eat off my kitchen floor if I wanted to, and not so much like I actually DO. You understand.

On that note, here is today's shorter-than-usual-but-hopefully-still-entertaining post. I was prompted by a comment made on yesterday's post by Stacey, (Thanks, Nurse-Dr. Stace!) and then my reaction to it; in addition to the fact that today Oprah aired her annual "Favorite Things" show:

Stacey: I'm picturing Oprah's couch when your blog lands you on her show. Javier Bardem, Pivs, Baio, Macchio, Mike Rowe. It's only a matter of time, so I totally call the chick-she-talks-to-in-the-front-row seat... you've gotta call shotgun quick around here.

Me: Funny you should write that, because with the addition of Antonio Banderas and Olivier Martinez, it’s exactly how I picture MY OWN couch looking one day! Just me and my “Favorite Things”.

My Favorite Things, based on what I've both written about and drooled over; be it in public or in private. (counterclockwise, on my actual brand new living room furniture--though not my actual living room): Mark Ovenden's Transit Maps of the World (Filled with ALL the transit maps of! the! world! THE WORLD, I say! Take a minute to think about how cool that is and you might be surprised to find yourself drooling), Olivier Martinez, Javier Bardem, Ralph Macchio, Jeremy Piven, Scott Baio, Dirty Job's Mike Rowe, and finally, splaying himself out on the ottoman like a Beefcake-Buffet: Antonio Banderas. The thing about a Banderas Buffet? He's so hot there's no need for a warming tray. Rawrr!


Kat said...

I like how you have all the hot guys chilling on your couch and amidst them the book you worship. Transit Maps of the world. An instant classic. I love the pic :). You gonna keep that couch including the good stuff to yourself or are you actually going to share?

Taj said...

Ahhh...Banderas. I wanted so badly to be bitten when he was so delicious as Armand. His luxurious hair falling across my chest...

I need a moment...

Since I can't be the chick in the front row she talks the one that raises hands up and says "Thank you Jesus" up for grabs?

Jules said...

@Kat: When I was a kid, I heard someone, somewhere say to 'Only have things in your home that you love', which as an adult I've realized is the perfect excuse to have a bunch of hot dudes draping themselves across my furniture. Great way to live, no?!

As for sharing, anyone is welcome to the couch and the book. The men? That generosity will be a little harder to come by. ;)


@Taj: You are now the self-appointed (and therefore, best qualified) leader of the "Thank you, Jesus" choir. I can already hear it... You'll be the punctuation to all of my Oprah-directed sentences.

Also, I have a story about Antonio's role as Armand that I will have to actually e-mail you directly about. It's a first here on the blog-- not putting something up for all to read. It's. That. Hot.

Melisa said...

I like how you have Mike Rowe on the floor and away from the new couch because he's so...well, dirty.

When we paint your living room we should use that color, and pop out a couple of holes for windows. As a wise movie guy once said,

"If you build it...they will come."

Let's try it!

Stacey said...

This is like the beginning to the best Scruples question ever: "Javier Bardem, Jeremy Piven, and Antonio Banderas are sprawled across your couch" . . . there are so many delicious ways to end that question, that I don't have enough room here. If your parents only knew how we all think of your furniture now . . .

And I think Melisa meant dirrrrrrty - Meeeeoooow!

Glad I could, in some small way, inspire a post.

Rob said...

Hey! I am a big Mike Rowe fan too.

He is one of those rare guys that guys like too. In fact, his chest and abs are my goals when I work out. Nice and defined but not big and bulky. Perfect!

Plus I'm half redneck so all hail to the working man! (That's a great Rush tune too)

kristabella said...

Can I come over?

Rob said...

Hey wait a minute! I just realized I have been suckered!

Yesterday you had all the girl-on-girl action then when I come back again today it's a freaking sausage fest. Talk about your bait-and-switch! What's the dealio?

Melissa said...

Sheesh, and I was excited about the $3700 refrigerator O gave away.

Your favorite things put O's to shame. How can I get on your show? ;)

Jules said...

@Melisa: You're right, sista. That was my thinking. He's dirty (and also, I'm certain, 'dirrrrrrty', if you know what I mean-- and I think you do) and he should not be on the new furniture like that. However, you'll note that Antonio used his sexay-ness to distract me from the fact that he has one of his boots resting on my ottoman.

And because I was not only too blinded by his 'come-hither' look to worry about a stupid boot being on a stupid ottoman, but I also didn't bother to ask The Karate Kid to get his stupid bare foot off of my new pillow. Oh Antonio, you are very bad for me. But mostly, you're very, very good. Please never change.

@Stacey: That is one of the best beginnings to a Scruples question I've ever heard. I think there doesn't need to be an end to that question, because if someone gets far enough into a statement that lets me know all those hotties are on my couch, you bet your ass I'm going to GET TO MY COUCH and just see what the 'dirrrrrty' (you are so right!) outcome is with my own eyes.

@Rob: Look in the right-hand column of the blog, and click on the "Dirty Jobs for one & all!" link under the header, "H.O.J.'s Greatest Hits" to read my post about Mike Rowe.

As for feeling like you've been suckered with yesterday's 'girl-on-girl action' and today's 'sausage fest', I say that a good hostess has something to offer everyone! hee hee.

@Kristabella: C'mon over! If nobody answers your knock, you'll have to take a number.

@Melissa: Honestly, I didn't even see O's favorite things this year, but I did hear a little bit about it on the radio. I was horrified to learn that she gave away soaps made by a small company (with only 8 employees!) that makes my favorite candles, which could mean that I'll never be able to get them again.

You know what would be great? If you somehow had that $3700 refrigerator stocked full of beer (for the guys, of course) and then we could do a little trading. Say, maybe Baio, Macchio and Martinez for a few cold ones?

I have to say that no amount of $3700 refrigerated beer will get me to give up Jeremy Piven, Javier Bardem, or Antonio.