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Tuesday, August 7, 2007

I always knew she'd end up with a doctor, even if he only plays one on TV (and if she's lucky, when they're at home)

They've been doing the African Anteater Ritual (euphemism alert!) together since 1987.

Happy Birthday, Dr. Space Face!
Just as I predicted in Ms. Little's science class when we were 12 that one day you'd be a doctor, it has been inspiring to watch you take on Med school while working your "day job" as a nurse and raising 2 adorable daughters to be kind human beings at the same time. You put overachievers to shame. Or maybe just lazier people like me. Either way, you're putting people to shame, and that's something you overachievers ought to be proud of!

If we lived closer, you know I would have showed up at your door tonight with our favorite game, SCRUPLES™, just so I could ask you the most absurdly written moral dilemma questions and hear you answer with "DEPENDS". Then we'd laugh for hours until the neighbors complained, just like we did 20 years ago.

Sample SCRUPLES™ question: "If you were dating a guy and found out he was into illegally cross-breeding farm animals to finance his addictions, and also, he is a priest, would you break up with him?" Your typical answer: "DEPENDS." The best part was hearing you explain your answer, and somehow at the end of your turn, "DEPENDS" made sense to me. Or maybe it was all those drinks.

You're selling 34, baby. Ok, you're not REALLY 'selling' it, (unless Mike Rowe was 'buying') but you get what I mean. I'm so proud of all the things you've gotten through and risen above this year! You met all those hurdles head-on, and handled them with grace, class & dignity.

Speaking of dignity, one of these days we'll run into T & N, and then I'll reenact the science lab incident, so you can break it down and understand how intentions to tickle my 8th grade crush while looking in the opposite direction can end up being less of an innocent tickle and more of a surprising handful for the entire class to witness. I'd live through that hour again just for you. And a little for me. But now that I really think about it, mostly for N! I just hope Faith Hill isn't there to yell at me about my grabby hands. Since I don't know how to track down the men from out teenage past, your actual gift today is that I won't Hassle the Hoff, nor will I recite Mr. Poindexter's "Who are we?" "Farragut!" cheer. You're welcome.

Love and Walking like Egyptians for life,
"Shut up, Julie"

The African Anteater Ritual!

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