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Friday, August 17, 2007

Dorothy only wishes her ruby slippers were this cute

Gentlemen: This particular post is going to put you to sleep, so skip this post and scroll down to read something else, or come back later this weekend when I'll have something up here with more testosterone.

Ladies: I just ordered the cutest pair of shoes, and they were less than $30, which means they were 70% off regular price, and ground shipping was free!

Introducing my new, adorable pair of Mella denim peep-toe wedges:

They also come in black, blue and striped denim. I almost got a black pair, too, but figured I should wait to get the red and make sure I like them. They're final sale since they're 70% off.

Your very own pair of Mella peep-toes can be yours for under $30 by clicking here.


Melisa said...

For the love of God, is there a Mella representative out there who can see it in his/her enormous heart to set my sister up for LIFE with her favorite, most comfy-est brand of shoes?

Seriously, Mella...PLEASE! My sister loves you! You can see how happy she is to pay less than $30 for those absolutely adorable red shoes...imagine her consumed with pure, unadulterated JOY if you gave her more pairs of absolutely adorable shoes!!!

P.S. Can you start making size 11 so I can love them too? Thanks.

Jules said...

Believe it or not, it was a TOTAL fluke that these were Mellas. I saw that shopbop was having that big sale and was looking through everything 70% off. I came across & loved the shoes before I even knew what brand they were! Go figure!

However, Mella is more than welcome to supply me with free shoes, regardless, and to start making size 11 so my sister can wear them, too. Then I can call her Mella-isa.