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Friday, August 17, 2007

Class of 2026, arriving both early AND late.

Riley & Aiden, fresh from the oven.

Sue ("Scooter" to me!) & Todd's little ones arrived today, both early and late.

"Early" because their official due date was set to be next month, on September 18th.

"Late" because a week ago, Scooter had enough of the whole pregnancy thing and let it be known to all people--near and far--that the babies had 5 more days to enjoy the womb, and then they had to pack up and get out. An important parental lesson: Eviction notices don't work on tenants still in utero. She expected compliance, but they made her sweat it out for 2 more days.

So, there you have it... early AND late. But really, right on time.

Back in the day: Their first House of Jules shout-out!

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