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Friday, November 9, 2007

You haven't been truly entertained until you've seen a GLADIATOR do 'jazz hands'

In honor of yesterday's groundbreakingly personal and in-depth interview by MANIC on everyone's favorite subject (me!), I dedicate the below clip of Robot Chicken's comedic genius to MANIC, in appreciation for making my first may-jah (I'm practicing my British accent) interview a positive experience.

By the way, my agent is currently fielding calls from the likes of Barbara Walters and Oprah, but I think my next move will have to be Larry King Live. Hopefully Babs & Oprah won't take it to heart... this decision isn't personal, it's actually scientifically-based. I want to test the myth that if you snap Larry King's suspenders, he turns into a pile of dust.

On to Robot Chicken's Gladiator. If this clip is the first you've seen or heard of Robot Chicken, I have one single, sad tear rolling down my cheek for you. Any more than that, and I'm just wasting tears:

"Are you not entertained now?"

If you missed reading my interview, click here.


Rob said...

OH ... MY ... GAWD. You are a Robot Chicken fan? Be still my heart! :)

My absolute favorite RC is the "The darkest sketch in TV history" My second favorite is the "Kill Bill" parody with Jesus and the Easter bunny.

If you like "The Venture Brothers" too I am proposing because we are clearly soul-mates! :) ;)

Brock Sampson Slays me! (that could be a pun)

Jules said...

I have never seen The Venture Brothers (might have to check them out, though!), but Aqua Teen Hunger Force's Meatwad? Sexiest ball of beef I've ever seen.

Rob said...

Venture brothers is a parody of the old Johnny Quest. As a kid I LOVED Johnny Quest, in fact, now that I think about it that may have been a major formative event in the development of my geek hood.

They have spoofed it so brilliantly though with Venture Brothers. Sealab 2025 was the same type of thing, spoof a 70’s kids cartoon. Problem was Sealab was not funny most of the time. :)

Rob said...

Yeah meatwad is beefcake to be sure but I don't really care for the dumb ones no matter how sexy. Now Frylock has the neat goatee and the piercing gaze plus he is clearly the brains of the outfit. He is clearly the geek on the squad.

Jules said...

He might have meat for brains but he sure can dance... and you know what that means.

Sauntering Soul said...

This is the first I've heard of Robot Chicken. Am I still allowed to read your blog? Please say yes,'cause you crack me up.

Jules said...

Of course you can still read the blog, I'm here to entertain AND inform!

Are you not informed? ha ha