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Sunday, November 4, 2007

MTV & VH1 should consider this my contestant application

As a kid I was a crazy fanatic of the game show, Name That Tune, and it always upset me that they never had young contestants. I am sure that show is a part of the reason that I became such a sponge for all types of music at a young age--because I wanted to beat the adults that actually got on the show-- and that love for music has continued through adulthood, along with the desire to kick ass on a show that was unfortunately cancelled 20 years ago.

Yesterday I was working on photo edits of 2 recent shoots, while listening for the first time to Raising Sand, the new Robert Plant/Alison Krauss work of art (produced by the legendary T-Bone Burnett) on my iTunes, when the first couple notes of the next song start up and I thought, "hmm, this one is oddly Maroon 5-ish".

Then, I clicked over to look at iTunes and realized that I had already finished listening to Raising Sand, and the song playing was in fact from the new Maroon 5 album! It seems that I can still Name That Tune in 2 notes, even when I think I'm listening to another band altogether, and that's good news because it looks like MTV/VH1 might be making YET ANOTHER one of my dreams come true:

MTV to play 'Name' game
In an unprecedented move, MTV Networks is developing a new take on "Name that Tune" that will play across its three music-centric cablers: MTV, VH1 and CMT. Basic format of the musical quizzer will remain the same across the MTV universe, but each net will produce original episodes modified to match the musical tastes of its respective target audience. That means MTV viewers will see contestants trying to identify tunes by T-Pain or Timbaland, while players on the CMT: Country Music Television version might attempt to guess a song by Shania Twain or Carrie Underwood.

"The play-along element of the show was so strong that it has to remain the same," said Graden. "There's something about hearing a melody and that great rush you get when you know what the song is."



Melisa said...

I think you should go for it. For God's sakes, how many reality shows are you going to watch and not attempt to be a part of?

Your Honor, I submit:

The Bachelor
The Bachelorette
The Amazing Race
Rock of Love
Fear Factor
Real World/Road Rules
Rock Star (ha ha)

I'm sure there are more...I am certainly not throwing stones for the amount of reality shows you watch because, as you know, I live in a glass house. Right Jim? How cool would that be, for you to be on a reality show! Jim would even watch it!!!!

I'm just sayin', be like Nike and DO IT. This could be your big chance!!! And then I could write a book about your experience and you could do the graphic design! I'll start writing now, in fact! :)

Jules said...

For the record, I stopped watching ABC's Bachelor/Bachelorette train wrecks after the season with Jen Schefft, because when she had that breakdown in the limo from the pressure of not knowing who to pick (because she didn't feel a real connection with either of them), my friends and I just looked at each other and realized it was too close to OUR. REAL. LIVES. and we like reality dating shows to be steeped in as little real-ness as possible.

Beyond that, you did manage to leave out a few of the ones I still watch, but that's ok. A little mystery never hurt anyone.

The one show I really want to go for, as you know, is the World Series of Pop Culture... and the next time they audition in Chicago we're totally going. Todd (Scooter's husband) will be our 3rd teammate and we will crush all other competitors.

Melisa said...

OH YES, I knew there was one major one I was leaving out. Has the team name "Nobody Puts Baby In the Corner" already been used? I forget. (old age)

An alternate name:
"No More Wire Hangers"

Jules said...

I think we were going to go with "Sweep the Leg, Johnny", "Cobra Kai Never Die" or "Sloth Loves Chunk".

If we were an all-girl team and dumb enough to change our names legally, I would insist that we become "Heathers". I don't think Todd would be up for that kind of thing, though.