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Saturday, November 24, 2007

You can't beat this meat!

Go on, say it. I know you're dying to. Alright, I'll say it for you:

"That's what she said."

There, feel better? I know I do. It's difficult for me to think clearly right now, let alone type. I'm preoccupied with how much time I have left before they cart me off to meat detox (Meat-tox? Meat-hab?), because after our party of 9 ate HERE for dinner tonight, I figure that it's only a matter of time.

While I'm waiting for them to take me away, I am enjoying my favorite--and very timely--Pink Martini song, Brazil.

Try not to shake your ass to this song, I dare you. Be sure to use caution if you just ate your weight in delicious Brazilian-cooked meat.


Taj said...

I found the glistening knife on the restaurant site to be oddly sexy.

A friend of my husbands just walked by my desk and saw your title and I kid you not he said, "You can't beat this meat? God, I wish my wife was like you".

I got cred points for your title. That's hot. ;)

Melissa said...

LOL! I've heard great things about that place. Now I just need to go and eat my weight in meat....

Rob said...

Wasn’t there a song about “you can’t have any pudding until you beat your meat”?

Oh yeah! Tejas de Brazil! I take clients there often. (Addison Texas location)

Now I am a carnivore by nature so the place suits me perfectly! Salad bar? Salad bar? We don need no stinkin’ salad bar!

Did you eat the fried banana? Weeeeee.

Jules said...

@Taj: WEll, you know, it's phallic. I noticed while we were at dinner that they actually had the knife and meat-spear thing carved into the iron sconces all along the walls. It was odd. I love that your husband's friend gave you credit for my post headline-- I have no doubt that you would have come up with something equally as great had you been there yourself!

@Melissa: I totally recommend, at least once in your life, eating your weight in meat. (That's what she said)

@Rob: I have never heard of said song, but I believe that those lyrics might just be the slogan of the Brazillian meateries. It was obscene. We did hit the salad bar, but not for the salad. (That's what she said)

Rob said...

>>I have never heard of said song,<<

Shocking! Pink Floyd, Another Brick In The Wall "The Wall"

Of course, I did add one letter to my paraphrase.

Jules said...

OH, of course I know "The Wall", I didn't recognize those lyrics though. I have a vivid memory of singing "We don't need no education... we don't need no thought control...", loudly, in our kitchen when I was in 2nd grade; and my mom telling me to never sing that song again.

Sauntering Soul said...

My boyfriend is Brazilian. There are a number of the Brazilian restaurants here in Atlanta and I've been to one in particular which is really good (but it was about 5 years ago). Have we been in the year we've been dating? Of course not. We've talked about it but haven't managed to go yet. Your post might just inspire me to make it a priority.

Jules said...

Sauntering: I highly recommend it! Both the meat, and the shaking of your ass with your Brazilian boyfriend afterwards. Just be careful. :)