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Friday, November 16, 2007

Michael K. has PhD in Snarkology

With headlines and captions like the following, Michael K. of my favorite entertainment website D-listed continues his snark-with-a-smile hold on me.

The 'dead cat' caption is a running theme on what Michael thinks Travolta's front hairpiece is made of, but the real comedy gold is that headline: Oldback Mountain!


Jen C said...

I know exactly what Jen V will say about this picture....Finally! The truth comes out!

Jules said...

Didn't Jen V already know the 'truth' after seeing that photo in the tabs of Travolta kissing some dude on the mouth (one in his 20's, not another senior citizen!) on the steps of his airplane? Sooooo funny!

Another classic Dlisted headline was for a close up of Travolta that read, "Girl, fix that wig!"

I love that site so much!