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Monday, November 19, 2007

Kinda like when Britney Spears kissed Madonna, but without the tongues...

...and hopefully without all that spandex & lace

Lately it's been very exciting around here at the House of Jules because in each of the last 4 weeks, I've had some really fun things happen as a direct result of this blog. The most recent thing is that H.o.J. was chosen as the featured "Wander of the Week" from the Taj Wanders website. I'm very honored to be her "Wander of the Week"! Now the pressure is really on for me to be an entertaining host... I have a rep to protect!

Click the image below to enlarge/read her write-up:

A virtual PDA! Swoon!

Thanks to all of you for coming back here to read, comment and keep me company! Keep telling all of your friends to join us. Lurkers, de-lurk yourselves! Let's continue our rolling dialogue, and remember this: Mi casa is always su casa.

The previous very-exciting-H.o.J. experiences (in case you missed them!):
1) My in-depth & soul-revealing interview with infamous blogger MANIC!
2) My email of appreciation from a best-selling author!
3) My cautionary tale got picked to be on a special Halloween website

Big ups to reader Dawn for letting me know about Taj's website!


Taj said...

I just imagined myself as Britney...I need a pill for the migraine.

I do give good tongue though, don't I? But please don't tell McMuffin or Piven...who knows how they'd react!

Every word was true Jules! How could I (or anyone) not love it here?

And with this post I must add wonderful to my list of adjectives for Jules. (Why did I hear Christina Aguilera's "Dirty" as I typed that?)

Kat said...

May I say Congratulations and WOW! Seriously and deep from the bottom of my heart. I think this was long overdue and well-deserved. You and your sister must have been showered with creativeness en-masse and it is great. Two very enthusiastic thumbs up!!!

Jules said...

OMG Taj!
I, as the Madonna to your Britney in my little analogy, could use a pill for the migrane as well. However, to answer your question: you totally 'give good tongue', just like Rita Hayworth 'gave good face'. Now, c'mon- VOGUE. Let your body move to the music, let your body go with the flow.

You know McMuffin and Piven will find out because they both read this blog (well, at least McMuffin does-- Pivs skips a day or two when he's on set filming) but I can't imagine either of them having a problem with it since you're a girl. Guys are into that.

Thanks again! As for hearing Christina Aguilera's dirty when adding to the list of adjectives describing me; it's more like 'dirrrrrrrrrrty'; AND OMG, CHRISTINA KISSED MADONNA, TOO. Coincidence? I think not.

@Kat: Thanks, my German-born, German-bred, previous Ireland-resident-though-it-still-feels-like-home fabulous blogger friend! You're one of the earliest House of Jules visitors, and you know the welcome mat is always out for you... it's not an official HoJ post until you leave Your Two Cents!

Melisa said...

How exciting! The worldwide domination continues...

Rob said...

The world domination part is a little frightening to be around. On the other hand all the girl-on-girl action is pretty hot...

Wow, sex and fear in the same breath. I mean it's like prom night all over again!

Now, if I start praying, "Oh dear Lord let me be adequate, please just let me be adequate!" the flash back will be complete. :o

Jules said...

@Mel: You were my first reader, so you're totally on this roller coaster with me!

@Rob, echoing the inner thoughts of many: "Sex & fear in the same prom night all over again!"

So funny!

Stacey said...

I'm picturing Oprah's couch when your blog lands you on the show. Javier, Pivs, Baio, Macchio, Mike Rowe (hey - this is my post after all). It's only a matter of time, so I totally call the chic-she-talks-to-in-the-front-row seat! Sorry Mel, I know you're the sister and everything, but you've gotta call shotgun quick around here.

Jules said...

Stacey: Funny you say that, because (with the addition of Antonio Banderas and Olivier Martinez) it’s exactly how I picture MY OWN couch looking one day. Just me and my “Favorite Things”.

I don’t think you want to be in the front row for that, but I’ll throw you a thick cut of your favorite Man-Meat by sending you on your way with Mike Rowe!

Melisa said...

Whatever, Stacey! I thought we were friends! Step off, Jack!

(Happy Thanksgiving, Stacey!)

stacey said...

Sorry Melisa, when it comes to Mike Rowe - friends schmends. (hahaha) Happy Turkey Day to you too!!

Jules said...

@Mel: Don't let her professional bedside manner that comes along with her status as a R.N., well on her way to becoming an M.D. fool you, Stacey would cut her own mother if she was an obstacle on the path to Dirty Job's Mike Rowe. The entire hippocratic oath would be out the window before her claws even had time to make contact.

Melisa said...

I had a dream about Mike Rowe once.

Oh wait...that was Scott Baio.