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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Now all that's left to do is wait for the e-mail from Javier Bardem. He's probably typing it up right now, or maybe he's ordering me some flowers.

After Wednesday's post, I got an email from the gentleman who created the drool-worthy Transit Maps of the World book, Mark Ovenden. Not only is he very talented in design and cartography, but he's also good at crafting a hilarious e-mail!

You're not alone, Mark! People always marvel at my ability to drool effervescently on such diverse subjects.

After recovering from a fit of laughter, I wrote him back:

Let it be known to one and all that I take very seriously both the studies and appreciation of graphic design and spanish hunkology. I've been kind of a trailblazer in that realm for a long time and I don't think people give me enough credit for it, to be honest.**

**Just kidding, people give me PLENTY of credit, or shall I say "crédito".

CLICK HERE for Wednesday's post that Mark refers to in his e-mail to me.


Melisa said...

The connections you make NEVER cease to amaze me, Sista!

Jules said...

I know! Crazy, right? (Right, Jim? ha ha)

Manic Mom said...

Hey Jules--I met your sister today and I didn't kill her! Bwahahahahaha! Anyway, too funny because of the small blog world, I just popped over to Karyn's randomly to see what she's up to (we're kinda friends--I won her Sex & the Ex contest a long while ago!), and then I see you stopped by there too!

Great job on the art design for Ruby--just beautiful! And loved meeting your sis today!

Jules said...

Hey Manic! I heard (read) all about your "blind date" today and am glad that neither of you are murderers! Sounds like a ink slinger match made in heaven.

Yeah, I've been reading Karyn's blog since it was just a simple page with green accents... way back when she was chin-high in debt! Glad to get another confirmation that it really is a small blog world!

See you over at NaBloPoMo, too! I gave Mel the heads up on it and now we'll all be over there. I'm getting my keyboard cooling fans because there's going to be a whole-lotta-typing going on at my desk in November!

Thanks for stopping by and come back anytime!

Manic Mom said...

Jules, is this too soon? Hee hee! Yep, I'm gonna attempt the 30 Days of November! We'll see what happens! Ink-Slinger--love it!

Jules said...

It's NEVER too soon!

Yes, I call my sister the "Ink Slinger Extraordinare"!

I have tons of things I to write about in November, and I'm already signed up in 3 groups. I don't know how I'm planning to fit my actual day job and side design work in with all the blogging I'm going to be doing. Should be interesting!