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Saturday, November 10, 2007

My mom has been unknowingly training for a contest like this her entire life; would have smoked the competition

For her, the chocolate would have been prize enough.

Chocolate-covered Jeep contest licked
Seven sweet toothed consumers created a scene when they licked their way through more than 700 pounds of chocolate in the "Sweetest Day the Jeep Way" challenge in Cleveland.

After licking her way through a chocolate-covered Jeep grill and searching through more than 45,000 pieces of wrapped candy, Anne Gemkow of Chicago tasted victory, winning an all-new 2008 Jeep Liberty 4x4 with Sky Slider™ roof. "I never thought my sweet tooth would actually come in handy," said Gemkow.

Gemkow stuck it out and drove home with a new Jeep and probably a sore tongue.

Probably? Probably a sore tongue? Good reporting, Associated Press!

Oh, this guy is NOT messing around. He must be thinking about how sore his tongue will be later... you know, probably.



Melisa said...

Isn't that Mom in the background of that first picture?

Oh. Probably not.

That's hilarious. I bet if Mom knew that was going on, she would have knocked down everyone in line to enter.

Jules said...

I know! Mom would have blown everyone away, and then left without the keys to the Jeep.

Kristin said...

this is totally gross and yummy at the same time.

i just discovered your blog. i think you are hillarious.

i am originally from chicago but now live in utah.

Jules said...

Hi Kristin!
Welcome to my blog! I hope Utah is treating you well!

Glad you are enjoying the blog... come back anytime and comment away!

Sauntering Soul said...

I'm with kristin...this is horrifying yet at the same time I'm kind of jealous of those chocolate lickers.

I really don't think a jeep would be worth it to me. Maybe if it came with a driver too.

Jules said...

Sauntering: After a show of licking stamina to that degree, I would bet that you'd have lots of offers for drivers!

Stace said...

I might need that guy's number.

Jules said...

Stace: Why am I not surprised that you totally read my mind?