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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

You are not forgotten

Today I wanted to thank all Veterans for your service and sacrifices, with much love and respect to each of you; but especially:

Willy Springer
Mike Pinksaw
Jim Leigh
Jim Carolyn
Dave Minto
Ron Clough

...and all the other top notch men of the 60th LCC Jungle Eaters; US Army.

Michael Kopaczewski, 1st Cavalry; US Army

James Wells, USS Theodore Roosevelt; US Navy

***It is in your honor that I continue to adopt soldiers who are forging ahead in your tradition of excellence and bravery. You're all my heroes.****

If anyone is interested in adopting a soldier, you can find a number of websites through a simple internet search. The below hotlink is the one I have used to adopt no less than 30 soldiers over the past 4 years, and the one I still use today. The process is extremely straight-forward. The soldiers really just ask for basic things that we take for granted every day; like socks, soap, razors, deodorant, sunscreen...and pretty much anything at all you'd like to send them. It's a great thing for school teachers or scout leaders to involve kids in, as well.

I've found that what the soldiers crave and appreciate the most is a reminder that they haven't been forgotten; and the kindness of a stranger will work wonders for every one of them. What will end up surprising you the most is how much it does for YOU...

Click here: Operation AC: Adopt-A-Soldier

Thanks Dad!


Charissa said...

Yes indeed. Thanks!!!!!

Spammon said...

Awesome post Jules! We were doing this last year for Christmas and then we ended up giving the money to a local family who lost their dad in a snowmobile accident. I think we'll do it for sure this time. Thanks for the reminder. :)