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Sunday, January 6, 2008

Weekend Girl Talk, Part 3: Besides discussing Kepler's Laws of Planetary Motion, there was this

Just a short progress report before getting to the good stuff: I only felt mildly hung over on Saturday morning, but that's probably because I didn't bother to follow my own rule of downing a glass of water before bed. Why? Because I wasn't thirsty, naturally. Anyway, here are a few of the gems that I'm at liberty to share with you. Everything else was either off the record (self-imposed and otherwise) or off the charts (hard to believe, I know).


Because it's important to make a difference in the world:

"I almost cougared a 20-something law student last weekend."

"Cougared?! Making that an action word instead of merely an adjective could be one of the best things you've ever come up with."

"I'm determined to make that word a verb... you know, let it stand as my legacy."


Sometimes even old friends need to define things for each other:

"B. made me do a couple of J├Ągerbombs with him, which is what's to blame for all of that inappropriate touching that went on while we were still at the bar."

"Sorry, I don't think I heard you correctly. What kind of touching?"

"Inappropriate. Because we were in public; at the bar."

"Again I ask you, what is this inappropriate of which you speak?"


After being underwhelmed with the taste of our first drinks of the evening, which were called "Sex Before Sunrise":

"I'm less than impressed with this Sex Before Sunrise. It looks good, but leaves something to be desired in the taste department."

"I totally agree. I bet it has something to do with the fact that neither of us are morning people."

"Yes! I bet if they called them "Sex After Sundown" we would have liked them a WHOLE lot more."

"Mmm hmmm... Oh yeah, you got that right."

"Are we still talking about these drinks?"


After seeing the Dayton, Ohio-based Eric Jerardi Band (which should be renamed "Eric Jerardi-the-blues-guitar-god-with-a-gravely-voice-featuring-the-bassist-with-smooth-moves-in-a-backwards-hat-Band) at The House of Blues:

"I had no idea Dayton, Ohio was capable of so much hot, sexified funk."

"Dayton's actually a really progressive city. We'll have to go when you come to visit, it's only a couple of hours from my place."

"Definitely! In the meantime, I'm gonna have to bone up on the Ohio music scene!"

"You said 'bone'!"

Skip ahead to 2:30 (or -6:00, depending on which way the little clock is running) to see The Eric Jerardi Band do some serious justice to Tom Wait's "Make it Rain"; and turn it up!

Want more Weekend Girl Talk? Here's PART 1 and PART 2.


kris said...

Dayton, Ohio? Hot sexified funk?

Who would've thought?

stacey said...

Yeah, after watching that video clip - I'm pretty sure we saw his "O" face.

Jules said...

@Kris: I know, right? But for real, they definitely had it, and it was gooooood.

@Stace: I almost died when that video gets about 4 minutes past the "skip ahead" mark that I mentioned; because not only is that what must be his "O" face, but it's his L, M, N faces, too. Oh...Oh....Oh....! HA! I can't blame him though, that funky baseline has practically the same effect on me.

Kat said...

OMG that must have been so much fun. And the three letter word came up fairly often hehe...

Sauntering Soul said...

I am also one who would never have pictured Dayton, Oh as the capital of hot sexified funk. Who knew? But I can tell you Atlanta is definitely not in any sort of competition to be the capital.

Don Mills Diva said...

Cougared should definitely become a verb - I am going to start using it immediately.

Spammon said...

Just what exactly was your B.A.C. at the time of this post?

Rob said...

Mmmmmmmm- Kepler's Laws of Planetary Motion! That is seriously hot stuff now! It's just a shame I am at work!

Concur on "Cougared"!

Jules said...

@Kat: What 3 letter word? S-E-X? Oh yes, it was a TOTAL blast!

@Sauntering: I know, it's truly surprising, but trust that it was definitely sexified funk. I specialize in the appreciation of that kind of music, so I would know.

@DonMillsDiva: You should absolutely start using it immediately! Get a trend started in Don Mills!

@Spammon: HA HA! Since I wrote the post on Sunday morning, and we were at HOB on Friday night, my BAC was probably back to normal by then!

@Rob: I thought you'd enjoy all the hot talk about Kepler and his laws!

Taj said...

Cougared, hot sexified funk, O face? I feel so dirty now. Thank you! ;)

"You said bone" made me laugh out loud! It's that 12 year old trying to get out again.

ALF said...

what fun!

Oliver said...

Hi, love your blog but I can't let you take credit for 'cougared'! There's a site called and also an entry in urban dictionary under 'cougared'. Sorry :-)

Jules said...

Well Oliver, you just crushed a dream, friend.