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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Putting the 'Hump' in Humpday: Everyone already knows how good we look together

Once a month, I am going to start writing a special Wednesday post in honor of my favorite men, and these will all fall under the label of Putting the 'Hump' in Humpday. Get it? Wednesday equals Humpday and my favorite men equal... well, I'm just gonna trust that you don't need it spelled out for you, because you're smart and you totally get me, otherwise you wouldn't feel so compelled to keep insisting that all of your friends bookmark and/or subscribe to my blog (you ARE insisting, aren't you?). 

This first Humpday post goes to--say it with me, now!--my hometown man and fellow Cubs fan (we have SO much in common!) Jeremy Piven, which I'm sure will come as a total shock to anyone who either knows me personally or who has read this blog for longer than 10 minutes. 

Years before he was winning awards for his role as Ari Gold the super agent on HBO's Entourage, I was busy seeing every movie he was in. While everyone else was swooning over John Cusack, I was dreaming about his real life best friend. People have asked me what drew (and what still draws) me to him and here's the answer... this is the 3 minute scene that made me fall for Pivs all those years ago (double-click on either 'play' arrow if you have trouble):

{start at :35} "Your only mistake is that you didn't dump her first. Diane Cort is a show pony and you need a stallion, my friend. Walk with us and you walk tall."

Maybe you aren't impressed, but back when I was 15, his fast-talking witticisms just did it for me. Don't get me wrong, this particular scene features Cusack perfectly executing one of the best monologues out of all the 80's classics ("The girl made me trust myself, man. I was walking around and I was feelin' satisfied, can you imagine that?"); but it was Jeremy who had me mesmerized, and I was soft like putty in his hands in those 3 short minutes. He had me, you know, walking around feelin' satisfied.

February's Humpday post will feature: A modern-day renaissance man, and a House of Jules first: AUTOGRAPHED PRIZES!


Sauntering Soul said...

Humpday....I love it!

The writers of that movie seem to really like the word "man". Man.

Melisa said...

Man, this sounds like fun, man!

Kat said...

Humpday....yep pencil me in...I can't wait till Javier is on.Counting down the days.

Rob said...
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Rob said...

PCU is the first movie where I really learned to admire the Pivs. Of course Jules, since I am an outie instead of an innie we have slightly different goals in mind for him. :)

He was a guy's guy in that movie and I enjoyed it a lot.

PS All these years later the chant
“Hey! Hey! Ho! Ho!
This penis party’s got to go,
Heyhey!, Hoho!”

is still in my head and makes me chuckle!

Melissa said...

They all look so young in that movie. Crap, we're we ever that young? I'm liking the hump part of humpday!!

Jules said...

@Sauntering & MelisaMySista: Man, you're right, man! I was so distracted that it didn't even get picked up by my radar, man. Man!

@Kat: I actually INKED you in for humpday. You don't want to accidentally be erased, do you? Ink, man, it's all about permanent ink (man!).

@Rob: PCU is one of my faves, if for nothing else than the best meat fight scene in the history of film. That's right, I said it. The history of film. OH, and of course this guy would kill me if I didn't mention the funktasticness that is George Clinton/P-Funk as the house band, seeing as he & I just talked about this movie on the phone a couple of weeks ago. You have to love George & P-Funk.

Speaking of penis parties, you would have loved to be in on a conversation I had earlier tonight about the Pinot Noir I was drinking. That's another story for another day, though.

@Melissa: Don't they, though? I was trying to figure out if Pivs has different teeth now or what. I think he does, something about his face is different and I just can't figure it out; other than the fact that he looks so young, as you pointed out. Cusack practically looks like an infant, it's ridiculous.

I can't imagine anyone not liking the hump part of humpday. I mean, it's the best part, right?! ;)

Spammon said...

All I know is we better see a humpday about Steve Buscemi

Rob said...

That's another story for another day, though.

Ooooooo, I am baiting my breath over here!!

Jules said...

@Spammon: Where should I send the bill for the new keyboard I'm going to need now that I spit my water out all over my desk?

@Rob: One of these days, I'll tell the tale!

Stacey said...

Poor Rob would probably die if you actually shared our entire conversations with him. Are you taking requests and dedications for humpday? I may need to ship my list to you if that's the case. :)