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Thursday, December 6, 2007

My last, best night in TN; also see: you know who you are.

In 8th grade, you were a very close friend and also my secret crush ("secret" in the way that you knew it and I knew you knew it and everyone in the school knew it but nothing ever came of it) and on the night of the last middle school basketball game (you were the official halftime DJ), in front of a packed gymnasium, you got on the mic to say some really sweet things about me, then announce that you're going to play Poison's, "I Won't Forget You, Baby" (because there's no night like the last night someone is going to be in town to blow a girl's mind); and since you've made these gestures on such a grand scale, the likes of which most 10-13 year olds have never witnessed, the entire gym is abuzz with curiosity, wondering what will happen next.

The game ends, you pack up your DJ equipment (which in those days consisted of a boom box, a microphone and some cassettes) down on the gym floor. The boys we hung out with surround you with their, "But-There's-Not-A-Lot-of-Time-Left-She's-Getting-Picked-Up-After-The-Game-What-Are-You-Going-To-Do-How-Are-You-Going-To-Say-Goodbye-To-Her-After-That-Why-Are-You-Being-So-Quiet?" and I was walking from the gym (my head reeling) to the front of the school where I knew I'd be savoring my last 30 minutes with all of our friends before being picked up and taken away to this entirely different planet called New Hampshire; and the girls we hung out with were surrounding me with their, "Oh-My-God-I-Have-Never-Seen-A-Boy-Do-Something-Like-This-It's-Amazing-But-There's-Not-A-Lot-of-Time-Left-What-Are-You-Going-To-Do-How-Are-You-Going-To-Say-Goodbye-To-Him-After-That-Why-Are-You-Being-So-Quiet?" and then the pack of boys we hung out with pour out of the school's front doors, with you in the lead, but I don't see you coming... not at first; then the whispers start making their way across the big post-game crowd and I turn to see you cutting a line through everyone with very determined look on your face.

People see that you have no time to stop and begin clearing a path; it's obvious that you have somewhere important to get to, and their heads turn--all eyes following your set direction to see where your final destination will be--and although our eyes locked onto each other as soon as the whispering started, back when you first cut through the crowd, I don't fully realize that it's me, that I'm your final destination, until you stop just short of running me down, and just long enough to grab my face and kiss me for a long time. A real kiss. Then another, and another.

That night. You. Me. My first 3 kisses. It all happened right here:

Coincidentally, I took this photo the last time I was visiting my parents, who moved back to that area not too long ago. I wanted to see all the old haunts and take some pictures, so I drove up to the high school and then couldn't resist going around the bend to the middle school. When I saw that concrete sign and that big brick seating area, the memory of my last, best night as an FMS 8th grader came rushing back like it was yesterday. Except it wasn't yesterday because it was over 20 years ago.

You shouldn't let the fact that I remembered that night and all it's details freak you out. The first kiss is a big deal to a girl, especially one that is about to leave everyone she knows behind, and also I have a steel-trap memory; a fact that all my friends will attest to because they've been both amazed and annoyed that I have practically everything etched into my brain.

To my surprise, yesterday on an old post, you left a comment for me to get back in touch; and I don't know how life has treated you for the past 2 decades but I can't wait to catch up. Click on the red "E-mail me!" hotlink up in the top right hand corner of this page to e-mail me directly and let me know how you've been.

UPDATE: We got to talk over the weekend and it was fun surreal to reconnect after so many years. It's not everyday that he reads a vivid description of one particular night from his past, and he enjoyed the trip down memory lane. I don't think he'll mind if I tell you that things are going well for him; he has a job he's very passionate about, is married, and is still the essence of cool. It's good to be back in touch.

SIDENOTE: Check out Scribbit's Write-Away contest HERE!


Melisa said...

Great post!

Blogger...bringing folks together since...well, whenever!

Sauntering Soul said...

This is so exciting! What a great story.

Kat said...

That is cool, glad I am not the only one being haunted by their past *lol* in a good way of course.

Rob said...


Rob said...

Hey, wait a minute, at first I was a little misty but then I remembered- does this guy know you have to make out with me since I bought the Maps book and your sisters book? Huh? How many books is he buying, huh? HUH!?


Candy said...

I sense a book deal here! I can't wait for the next installment.

Melisa said...

You bought my book, Rob? You are AWESOME. Thank you so much! (and if you were joking, I don't want to know!)


stacey said...

I can't believe the play you're getting from my birthday post!! For crying out loud this is weird. Oooh, I know. I just thought of it - didn't they used to hang out with that hot guy? What was his name? Barry or something really cool like that? You should "TOTES" mention him in a post so I can get in on all this action! P.S. Is making out with you a requirement if we buy mel's book? I didn't get that memo.

Melisa said...

Hey Stace,
Thanks for pointing out *which* of the old posts I could find the comment noseyness wasn't getting me very far today and you helped me out alot! LOL

I didn't get a memo regarding Jules making out with people buying MY book either...but heck, what a sister, right??? :)

Jules said...

@Mel: Since Al Gore invented the internet! (and I'm glad Stacey could help you find the exact post...) There was no make-out memo attached to the TPS report, and I think you have my stapler.

@Sauntering: I hope you're feeling better today!

@Kat: I remember awhile back when you wrote about that person from your past... Luckily I've had fun catching up with the people who have found me through H.o.J. so far; like my baby-daddy McMuffin! :)

@Candy: Book deal? You smell a book deal? How exciting! All I smelled while writing this post was Love's Baby Soft (my signature scent in 8th grade) and Chaps cologne (what all the boys seemed to splash on before heading to homeroom).

@Rob: You bought BOTH books! You know what you get for that, right? Who's the big winner? heh heh... You had me going for a second with the one tear rolling down your face in that first comment.

See below for what I actually wrote regarding the whole making out thing. (Besides, you know that I have to give Neal a free pass because that was when I was 12. I didn't know I could use my "skills" as leverage to get people to buy stuff back then. Not that I do that now, you understand. Because I don't. Wait, what was the question?

Stacey: I know, right? It's crazy. First, my baby-daddy; and then his best friend from back in the day! It has the potential to be the love triangle I always wanted to

The Barry of whom you speak is Barry Johnson ("totes" HOT, or at least he was from 5th to 8th grades; things can change) and as far as I know, Chandler still speaks to him! I'm going to email him and get the lowdown for you, see if I can hook a sista up.

As for the confusion on the stipulations as to if I will or will not be making out with you based on any purchases you've made because I wrote about them on this website, please refer to the following snippet from my November 23rd post, in regards to Transit Maps of the World and the author, Mark Ovenden. Be sure to pay attention to that last line especially:

{If you order a copy from Amazon today and help my new favorite person, I'll make out with you! (Just kidding--unless you're Jeremy Piven, Javier Bardem, Antonio Banderas, or Olivier Martinez--and if that's the case then you should already know by now that book is not required). However, when the book arrives at your door from Amazon, it's all yours, if you know what I'm sayin', and I think you do.}

Melisa said...


Jules said...

That is, my FUTURE baby-daddy. So far, my ovaries have been totally underutilized.

Jules said...

Stacey: I totally didn't finish my "love triangle" thought in the above response to you! If that isn't proof right there that I might be doing too much multi-tasking (<--- not a euphamism) to handle an actual love triangle at this point, I don't know what is.

Rob said...

Hey wait just a minute here? What red blooded male would have ever read a single word after "make out with you"? I was already keying credit card numbers into Amazon before I got to the exclamation point! That disclaimer has to be moot since no one would ever make it that far! If I get a male judge you are soooo in trouble!


Taj said...

Gosh, Jules...your blog must emit some pretty powerful pheromones. Piven, McMuffin, Mark and now your first kiss.

Have fun catching up with great memories!

Manic Mom said...


That is all I can say right now.


The first boy who ever kissed you found you and looked you up.

I am sensing John Cusak and John Hughes reuniting to make a sensational movie. I think I need a filler-me-in email sent to me... STAT!!! Pleeeease!!!

Anastasia Beaverhausen said...

Let me first say....THIS POST WAS TOTALLY MY IDEA (ya knew this was coming Jules)! Second, is it really a question whether or not Julie will make out with you if you buy Mels book? Have there ever been stipulations on her making out with someone (read: 31st birthday at HOB)! Third, I totally LOVE your freakishly detailed description of your infamous last basketball game! What a trip down memory lane. You were an exhibitionist even then, Jules and I LOVE THAT ABOUT YOU!!

Spammon said...

Wow. The girl I liked in High School is now a registered sex offender who slept with a 15 year old when she was 30. Look who got the good end of the boot on that one! :)

Jules said...

@Rob: You have a made a very valid point that I hadn't considered. I guess I need to stop throwing around those idle threats (promises?) because I have not yet harnessed the power of suggestion. It reminds me of a Scrubs episode when Carla & Elliot want to talk about something private but Turk & JD are nearby, so they start off talking about lingerie. This makes the guys zone completely out of reality and into their heads, thinking about hot girls in lacy bras.

@Taj: It's like the Bat Signal™ or something. Stacey is still convinced that Javier Bardem just hasn't made his way online yet, otherwise I would have heard from him, too.... and at this point I really gotta think she's right.

@Manic: Eventually everyone googles themselves, right? I think I'm going to write a post that consists of the names of people I want to find me, with instructions on how to click my "E-mail Me!" hotlink. Besides, it can't be bad for a guy's ego to read a post like this about himself, right? (I know Rob is going to weigh in on that, and will possibly suggest that I start taking numbers for the dudes lining up at the make-out booth; but the thing is? There is no make-out booth!)

@Spammon: Seriously? That must make for awkward class reunions.

@Anastasia Beaverhausen: Ok, calm down! You're getting very (as your 9-year old would say) Freaky freaky freaky freaky... fresh and I don't want to be the cause of your entire afternoon being ruined! After I told you that he left a comment for me about getting back in touch on an older post, but no way for me to contact him, you suggested I write a post not mentioning his name, with instructions to click on my "E-mail me!" link, (which I did; not only on this post, but I also left it as a comment after HIS getting-back-in-touch comment on that older post, just in case he went back to that and didn't read this said post that doesn't mention his name). So, let it be known Jenny (err, Anastasia) gets credit for that. Everyone line up to pat her on the ass, I mean on the back.

Having typed that, I realize that I just lost Rob into his own thoughts of girls from the mid-80's with big hair (not to be confused with girls IN THEIR mid-80's....and Rob's back!)

However, he hasn't made use of that "E-mail me!" link yet, though-- so the jury is still out whether he's going to make me wait by reading all my archives on here first or what. I know, 1985 called and it wants it's teenage angst back. These comments gotta be fun for him to read, now that I think about it.

Also, I can't believe you just pulled out the 31st birthday House of Blues make out thing. I can't be blamed for the fact that Alejandro was tall, dark, handsome, spoke with an accent, wished me a happy birthday and told me I had a beautiful smile. Except the way he said it was all whispery-sexiness and it sounded more like this, "Joo have a beautee-ful es-smile". He was practically Antonio Banderas, and where I'm from it's just impolite not to respond in-kind. You know my parents didn't raise me to up to make this country look bad. I swear that it was a neck-up act of patriotism, and I was welcoming him to America with my lips. Our nation should thank me for my efforts. Besides...he totally started it!

Anastasia Beaverhausen said...

Holy crap! I am laughing so hard I can barely type! You are my American Hero, Jules! BTW...yes everyone, line up and pat me on the ass!

Melek said...

wow, love this story!!! it's like straight out of a teen movie!

my first kiss was awful!! i was about 16 1/2 (yes, late bloomer). we went out with another couple that night and he drove me home. we were in the front seat. he pulled up to my house and leaned over and crammed his tongue down my throat in front of the other couple. it was horrifying. the kissing got better later, but damn, that first one was awful.

Rob said...

"Having typed that, I realize that I just lost Rob into his own thoughts of girls from the mid-80's"

OH so close! You did lose me but it was to thoughts of flying Delorians and roofies. Still, you know me too well! :)

Jules said...

@Melek: It was probably good that the other couple was there to witness the tongue-cramming incident, otherwise he might have had you in his grip for hours!

@Rob: See, I was going to write something about the lethal mix of a flux capacitor and roofies instead of the whole "girls from the mid-80's" thing, but I thought people might get the wrong idea about you if they hadn't read what your comments were on THIS OTHER POST from last week! Hopefully that will clue them in. You're welcome!

Melissa said...

Have no fear, Jules! I have been following this train wreck, er, I mean great post ;)

I just haven't waded in because I just can't keep up with the conversation of all you witty people.

Anyway, I'm trying really hard to forget the years of big hair and aqua net...or as you call them the 80's.

Love the picture of the back of your head....laughed out loud!!

There are just to many good quotes to comment on without writing a whole post. So commence with the witty banter and I will continue to be amused!! ;)

I'll make sure to pat Mrs. Beaverhausen on the ass on my way out!!

Liz said...

OMG! I'm dying over here Jules. That is so, so sweet.

stacey said...

You. Are. Killing. Me.

Anastasia, I'm connecting in Texas on my way to Cabo - so get your hot ass ready.

Melisa - what can I say? I'm a giver. Happy to help.

Melisa said...

Julie: I think you need to write a blog entry about the comments on this blog entry.

Anastasia: Why don't you bring your "hot ass" up to Chi-town for a visit? (What would J.C. Do?)

Stacey (Nurse Doctor Stacey, right?): I know you are! Thanks! And you should come for a visit, too!

neal said...

Hey Jules,
I cant get to your e-mail through your link. Is it the bigpicture thing?

Melisa said...

Hi Neal!
We've all been waiting for you! :)

Thank goodness you've arrived!

neal said...

Hey Everyone in HOJ land,
I have yet to speak with Jules yet, and would love to join in this very explosive commentary. However I think it would be premature without talking (in person) with her first.
See Ya,

neal said...

I still have no way of getting in touch with her. Does anyone have an idea? I'll be up until 3:00am EST.

kris said...

this is the start of a wonderful story.

thank you for sharing such a personal and lovely moment.

Melissa said... here's Jules email addy, drop her some's getting juicy now...

neal said...

Well HOJ readers,
The ball is in her court, (service) let's see what happens. Stay tuned and strap yourselves in, this could be a wild and bumpy ride.

Rob said...

Neal, you had better be buying some books or I am gonna be soooooo pissed!

(Kidding - Oy, I crack me up!)

Sarcastic Mom (aka Lotus) said...

How did you know I would love this post? It blew me away.

Great stuff, lady!

Don Mills Diva said...

Wow - hope you keep updating this story. Just discovered your blog - it's great.

Jules said...

UPDATE: We got to talk over the weekend and it was fun/surreal to reconnect after so many years. It's not everyday that he reads a vivid description of one particular night from his past, and he enjoyed the trip down memory lane.

I don't think he'll mind if I tell you that things are going well for him; he has a job he's very passionate about, is married, and is still the essence of cool.

...and it's good to be back in touch.

Melissa said...

I can't even imagine what it must be like to connect again after such a long time.

House Of Jules, bringing back memories, one kiss at a time....

katie said...

OMG, awesome story. To be able to have a story like that about your first kiss?! wow... priceless.

Scribbit said...

That's wild that he read your blog and reconnected--what are the odds?

MoziEsmé said...

Aww - that's cool that you got back in touch after all that time!

Gabrielle said...

Wow, that was great, it read like it was straight out of a movie....really good girl! :-)

blissfulanonymity said...

oh gosh that was amazing like a book or something.
How cool that you got back in touch too.