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Friday, March 21, 2008

Shirt tails flapping in the breeze behind them like unambitious dragons

If you haven't read any of David Sedaris' books, seen him on TV or been lucky enough to meet him in person like my sister and I, you probably won't think this is funny... but if you HAVE experienced any of the above, you'll enjoy the following video of what he'd be like as a pizza delivery man!

Double-click on either 'play' arrow if you have trouble with the video:

This guy's voice isn't *quite* high enough, but his inflection is perfection!

Click HERE to see the REAL David Sedaris reading his hysterical "Stadium Pal" essay on Letterman. Warning: Sedaris humor is exceedingly dry, which is how the hilarity sneaks up on you.

2005. My sister (the published ink slinger in our family!) & I, showing our civilized side by refusing special treatment and waiting in line like everybody else to get into David Sedaris' book signing. This wasn't the first time we'd met him, and it wouldn't be the last. More on that some other time...

2005. Me, David Sedaris and Barbie's crotch, in case you didn't recognize it. But c'mon! You know you did!

Don't even get me started on how much love we have for his sister, Amy!


Melissa said...

I love Sedaris but I was kind of lost with his sister.

I love that Barbie's crotch is in your picture! It's pretty apropos...

Melisa said...

"Ah don't Lahk Cats..."


That pizza clip was hilarious.

We looked mah-velous in that photo, and I was rockin' the turquoise...
We are such an awesome pair! And how nice of that chick in front of us to take the photo!

That was so much fun!

I miss him. hee hee

Don't forget to post about your b-day card sometime...

Rob said...

I loved the letterman bit! You know, the device he spoke of is well known among pilots. The are known as "piddle packs". I have never used one but I have been tempted.

You know the naked barbie in the background of that photo suddenly brought back a probably properly repessed childhood memory! My very first erection I can recall occureed watching my neighber changing her Barbies clothes. First off, thanks to my Catholic upbringing I had no earthly idea what was going on in my pants. Second of all I had no earthly idea why slowly, oh so slowly, undressing a Barbie could spark such a malestrom of emotions. I just knew I suddenly wanted to protect Barbie and make her happy, cuddle and comfort her when she felt low, laugh with her when she was happy and stay with her forever in our pink dream house.

Then suddenly the new outfit was on and I was left confused by what had just happened but somehow I knew life just gotten bigger and better.

Jules said...

@Melissa: Missy & I LURVE her. Strangers with Candy was one of the quirkiest/best shows ever... but I know that it wasn't for everyone. She's always hilarious on Letterman and the fact that she's been in cahoots with Stephen Colbert & Paul Dinello since before any of the 3 were well known makes me love her even more! I've never been in a photo with Barbie's crotch before, but think she was the trendsetter for the Britneys and the Lindsays and all those girls who have flashed it to the paps ever since. Oh Barbie! All the girls want to be like you!

@MissSis: I will for sure do a post on my Sedaris b-day cards because you're a genius. But you don't lahk cats.

@Rob: Just when I thought I couldn't possibly find out anything more about you in a week, you REALLY shared one with the class. WOW. Impressive!

Rob said...

I loved Strangers with Candy. I did not realize that was his sister. She has a book too (well at least one). I can't even remember what it was about but I remember laughing

Jules said...

@Rob: Yup, that's her. She really ugly'd herself up for that show... which if you know anything about her, she loves doing. Have you read any of David Sedaris' books? My favorite story he's written about Amy is Shiner Like a Diamond, which will totally clue you in to her personality. She actually has several books out with Stephen Colbert & Paul Dinello; but her most recent on entertaining, I Like You has been the most successful. That whole family is super talented.

Andie said...

he is hilarious. I got the audiobook of "dress your family" and it was hilarious.

Love Amy too. she's a trip. i have her book too!

The [Cherry] Ride said...

You have a photo with David Sedaris. Jealouscakes!