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Thursday, March 6, 2008

I wish he'd let me comfort him.

Some of my male friends were horrified at what they referred to as the 'Feminization of Bond' (just because this one showed a little sensitivity! I mean, did you SEE that shower scene where he just held his frightened Bond girl? And they were fully dressed? It was hot, for real. HEY-OH!!!), but Daniel Craig's interpretation made me want to see every single Bond movie ever made. I can't wait for the next one to open, no matter how unfortunate the title, Quantum of Solace, may seem.

Now we know where he gets his motivation!

He's not the most vulnerable Bond for nothing, you know. The man cries over suits.


Melissa said...

Wow, that is a guy intouch with his feminine side...maybe a little to intouch? ;)

The [Cherry] Ride said...

Wait, your male friends think Daniel Craig is MORE feminine than Remington Steele? That guy was a nancy. Craig is a manly man!

And dude, I'd cry if I had 40 Tom Ford suits that got ruined too!

(But then again, I'm not exactly the most manly-man either...)


Sauntering Soul said...

Can I still read your blog if I admit something?

I've never seen a James Bond movie in my life.

Spammon said...

cherry - AGREE!! Brosnon was a MARY!

jules - Go rent The Power of One and you will hate Mr. Craig (aka Sgt. Botha).

The Fruitcake Lady said...

SAUNTERING SOUL MUST BE OFFICIALLY REPRIMANDED, BANNED, ALLOWED BACK, BEATEN SEVERELY, AND THEN BANNED AGAIN. Never seen a Bond movie?!?!!Seriously, a lack of James Bond could very well be what is wrong with society as a whole. I say we take up a collection and get poor Sauntering Soul a subscription to Netflix, allowing no rentals other than 007 until they've all been viewed and absorbed. If she's over 25, she'll be required to watch each one twice, except for Timothy Dalton. Blech. Oh, and the one that no one ever remembers.

Spammon said...

fruitcake - On Her Majesty's Secret Service w/ George Lazenby.

Trish Ryan said...

I'm not sure I'd know how to handle a man who weeps over suits. Not that it's a bad thing, I'm just not sure I have the relationship skills to be properly supportive...

The Ex said...

LET HIM BE SENSITIVE. I'd sick like to take him home.

Jules said...

@Melissa: Don't get my post wrong. He's a vulnerable Bond, but honestly I'm ok with him being in touch with his feminine side! Just as long as while he's at it he's in touch with mine... if you know what I'm sayin'; and I think you do.

@CherryRide: HAHAHA! Yes, apparently so; though I'd be willing to bet it might have only been because the females in the group that night (myself included) were all swooning over him, so my straight male friends were all offended, spouting off gems like, "He's practically a WOMAN!". They quieted down a little when I called them all whiny little B_____s, (in, as Alex from Canada would say, "the most loving way!") though. ;)

As for you crying over Tom Ford's wares, I hear you. He makes beautiful magic with that creative mind of his. Also? I could practically cry just looking at Tom Ford. His good looks are nearly superhuman.

@Bev: I am not so shocked, as say, Fruitcake Lady, because (although I've always enjoyed them) whenever I've seen a Bond flick it's always been the choice of the male(s) I'm going to the movies with and I bet your "Hot Brazilian" boyfriend has different taste in movies than "Hot-Americans". So, I get what you're saying. I would recommend that you get Casino Royale, though. I think it's the least complex Bond movie and Daniel Craig is the hotness. And there's that shower scene that maybe nobody else thought was drool-worthy but me. Who knew him getting into a shower fully dressed (in a tuxedo, no less) to comfort a Bond Girl would be the moment in the movie when I was tempted to light a cigarette... AND I DON'T EVEN SMOKE. Too much information? Probably. Oh well.

@Spammon: Yes to both you & Cherry. I agree. Pierce Brosnan should only be looked at. I'm a firm believer of that. He's beautiful and the kind of man, I think, who would get really pissy if you wrecked his manicure. But he sure is pretty!

Hey, I have a little crush on Daniel Craig. Why do you want me to see a movie that will make me hate him? You should be telling me which one features his sweaty body in a tight-fitting t-shirt; though I have a feeling that even if you did know about it, you would never ever let on that you did.

@Fruitcake Lady: WOW, that was a strong reaction! I guess you like Bond movies? A little? Maybe? Nahhh, probably not at all. I had to laugh at the Timothy Dalton reference because I thought HE was the one nobody remembered; but of course the one nobody remembers is the one nobody remembers... except Spammon who is awesome and a somewhat like Rainman with movies. Definitely George Lazenby.

@Trish: Have you SEEN Casino Royale? Trust me when I tell you that YOU WOULD FIGURE OUT HOW TO HANDLE IT BECAUSE droooool...... What was I saying? Sorry, I got lost in a fog of lust over Daniel Craig's Bond.

@TheEx: I agree (obviously, just read any of the responses I wrote before this one to you!) with you 100%. The first thing I would ask him to do after he finishes weeping is to get into the shower with his ruined suit on. Rawr

The Fruitcake Lady said...

@Spammon: Thank you! I knew the title but couldn't come up with "Forgettable, James Forgettable"s name to save my life and wasn't inclined to Google. I too come from movie and television trivia stock, well done!

@Jules: Who is this Bond of which you speak? Doesn't ring a bell....

Rob said...

First Brosnan and now a Bond that cries over clothing? Oh dear.

I have to admit though that Daniel is smoking. In fact, I have a female friend who I was sure was gay until she just went ga ga over Casino Royal. She drug everyone she knew to the theater to see it again and again then she pre-ordered the DVD. I changed my mind about her.

Now if it had been Brosnan that made her weak in the knees I would still have my doubts about her sexuality.