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Friday, March 28, 2008

What I have been doing every spare moment

I have been interested in taking part in this project for awhile, and only recently started making my initial list, which is supposed to be completed before you start the blogging-about-each-person process. It's really quite something, digging into your memory banks to remember random people you probably haven't thought of in a long time, and knowing in advance that you only have the same number of words to make up each entry.

It does help in making the list if you have a steel-trap for a memory like I do. I can't wait to get all the names down so I can begin the really challenging part: only using 34 words to describe something specific about each person on my list. I'll have to come up with some good aliases for some of these people though, because I don't want to get sued for spilling things about others that have been locked up inside my mind for decades. Regardless of these challenges, I can't wait to finish my list and get to writin'.

Please remind me of this exuberance when, months from now and only 15% of the way through this every-day-for-one-year commitment, I am *threatening to jump off of a building.

*I am not big on heights and am therefore joking. I might decide to do something like use your real name on "your" day, though; which is as they say, not actually a threat but a promise; so some of you had better be nice to me. Suddenly I feel drunk with power.


Melisa said...

Don't forget to list the hillbilly who held you in his arms back in 1982.

(HOJ readers: the photo was posted on my blog yesterday!)

Suburban Scrawl

Melissa said...

Hmm, I'mnot sure I even know 365 sad is that! I can't wait to read all the new people we'll be introduced to!

KathyLikesPink said...

Wow that is one amazing project. I am going to consider 50th birthday is coming up in September. Might be a way to celebrate/document it.

Jules said...

@MisSis: Technically I can't use the Hillbilly because I don't remember his name, so that sucks. So typical of a man to have held me so lovingly and then not leave me with his name!!!

Everyone MUST click on my sister's Suburban Scrawl link to see the creepiest photo EVER taken of my sister standing next to a hillbilly WHO IS HOLDING A TOO-YOUNG-TO-REALIZE-THIS-MIGHT-BE-ILLEGAL ME IN HIS ARMS WHILE GRINNING LIKE A MADMAN. To further inspire you to click on that link, here are some possible captions that I came up with for the photo, all of which are suitable:

1) Was the Deliverance theme playing in the background as this photo was taken?

2) Hey, look! I had Osmond teeth!

3) Is he wearing a rubber shirt?


5) Just HOW many rainbow shirts did my sister own?


@Melissa: That's the amazing thing about the x365 project.... you take enough time to really delve deep into your memory. In the first 10 minutes that I sat down to start my list, I came up with 40 people, none of whom played HUGE parts in my life. The minor players, if you will. It isn't as hard as you'd think! You'd be surprised at how quickly what could be deemed as insignificant moments/interactions not only come back to you, but lead your mind to go from remembering one person to remembering numerous! It's been a lot of fun to do so far!

@Kathy: You definitely should! The main thing after the list is to decide how many words each of the 365 posts will have, most people go with whatever age they are when they start. I'm 34, but am thinking about using 50 as my number, just to have some wiggle room.

Kat said...

Well good luck with the 365 posts. That's really something. When you grow tired I will cheer you on!!! You can totally make it as I remember you have a great memory.

Jules said...

Thanks Kat!

stacey said...

I know I'm a little late to the party, but I just had to say, OF COURSE the dude is wearing a rubber shirt. That way there are no fibers for CSI to trace. Duh.