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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

You do a little dance and then you drink a little water

GiveItAway, by The Red Hot Chili Peppers. Maybe one of the weirdest videos, ever, But I love it. Anthony Kiedis' gouche is an added bonus. You're welcome.

Ok, the wait is OVER! I have in my hands the proverbial envelope and am about to spill the news on who will be receiving a prize from my first giveaway, made possible from the combined efforts of Eric Jerardi and House of Jules; or as I am now referring to it: The House of Jerardi! That has a nice ring to it, doesn't it? Oh, will you look at that? I said RING! Wow. What are the chances of something like that just slipping out of my mouth? Interesting.

So, while I was in the kitchen with Jerardi enjoying his ahem *charcuterie plate and all that comes along with it, The Random Number Generator got to work picking the winning numbers!

Click to enlarge. After taking my comments out of the mix, I put the remaining 61 in a document, numbered them in the exact order from the first comment to the last, and then left the rest up to, which is a cold & emotion-less website that only cares about numbers, not how witty your comments were (and THEY WERE ALL WITTY, so I would have never been able to pick based on the humor scale, anyway)!

With the doubtful-someone-sexy-would-perform-in-Canada (and if that's the case, how does she explain Men Without Hats?) comment of, "I highly doubt someone of Sexypants Jerardi's good looks and talent would be interested in coming up to the Great White North, but wouldn't that be cool if he came here?!", Alex wins!

With the initially aggressive but then massively brilliant comment of, "Can I punch Spammon in the chest even though it's not St. Patty's Day? Seriously though, I had a great idea. Jerardi should do a House of Jules tour! (I know it's tough, but get your mind out of the gutter - I didn't mean literally to tour you!) Ohio, Chicago, Fort Worth, wherever-the-hell-in-Canada Alex is, Knoxville . . . You get the idea.", Stacey wins!

With the very personally revealing comment of, "Oh goodness. I'm so forgetful this morning. 

I'm glad he said he puts his hands down the wives' knickers and not their panties. Have I told you how much I hate the word panties? Probably not because why would you and I ever be talking about panties?", Bev (Sauntering Soul) wins!

Please e-mail me your addresses at casajules (at) gmail (dot) com. Prizes will be shipped on Friday.

This is not to say that the rest of you aren't winners, because we here at The House of Jerardi think you have some real potential. You can try your luck winning prizes of a different sort at the end of next week in my Pay It Forward contest. More details on that later!

*My thinly-veiled double entendre "charcuterie plate" remark above is from the best part of Jerardi's interview:
"Finally, the question I've been working toward all night! Your 3 passions in life are music, wine & food. Describe the best night all 3 of those coincided, and take it slow. I'm about to get comfortable."
"Ok, I come over to your house around 8. I have a bottle of Bollinger Champagne, a basket of French food and more wine. While we drink the Champagne, I put together a little charcuterie plate with country pate, foie gras, cornichons, cheese, Dijon, and a baguette. I pop the 2001 Cos d Estournel, and we stand in the kitchen, enjoying the simple French country fare. After all of that, I whip out my.......... guitar, and sing to you for about 20 minutes. Then we fornicate like bunnies."



Jules said...

FYI: That whole "punch Spammon in the chest" comment by Stacey was in reference to his comment on my post yesterday about someone dressed in green punching him in the chest every year on St. Paddy's Day; it wasn't about her competitive spirit. Or was it?

Spammon said...

WHAT!? I call recount. Stacey made a comment about punching ME in the chest which means if I didn't make my comment she would not have been able to make her comment. I believe that falls under code 32.112D. Her comment should be credited towards me.

Spammon said...

Which means I win.

Stacey said...

Holy crap!!! OK, spammon - you're absolutely right. You can have the moral victory, and isn't that really what's important here? (No, it's not, but I'm halfheartedly trying to make you feel better because I'm a giver. Just like Julie is a lady.) I'm not going to be able to study now. Holy crap. Did I mention that? Who would've thought that my smart-assedness could be so rewarding? :)

alex said...

I'm a winner!!!!!!!!! Horray for The House of Jerardi! Congratulations Bev and Stacey! To the rest of you: SUCK IT! (I mean that in a loving way of course).

The [Cherry] Ride said...

Sadcakes for me!

Melissa said...

Suck It? Nice I love a gracious winner! ;)

I'm just sayin'...

Sauntering Soul said...

Really? I won?! I think this is only the second thing I've ever won in my life. This just made my day!! Seriously, there is some stuff going on in my life that is kind of craptacular right now and this just made me smile. So thank you very much Jules!

Congrats to Stacey and Alex too.

Jen said...

What? All that work I put in to my comments and nothing? Sad for me, but happy for the winners (I'm trying to be gracious here, OK)!!

Melisa said...

Congrats to all the winners!

(Boo hoo for the rest of us...)

Jen said...

BTW, I love opening your blog and the first thing I see is Anthony Kedis' gouche starring at me!


Jules said...

@Spammon: The Random Number Generator is about as random as it's gonna get around here, though if it took things like unnecessary aggression (which I'm certain is a sign of some people's uh, frustration in one area or another...) into account it would have access to emotions that would likely make it NOT random at all, and then it would just be picking favorites. Which is why I used it to begin with, because I can out-pick-favorites better than any heartless website. You totally win the moral victory, like Stacey said!

@Stacey: I AM A LADY! (I wish I could have typed that without laughing to myself, it would have been much more believable.) Yes, holy crap and congratulations! You threatened to punch Spammon in the chest AND won one of the prizes! Now get back to your med school studies. I don't want to be blamed for you not "ace-ing" the male reproductive system exam.

@Alex: WOW, everyone else can suck it, huh? I thought Canadians were a gentle, peaceful people. ;)

@CherryRide: Sorry Cherry! Sadcakes today, maybe happycakes next week! At least I didn't tell you to "go ahead" after attempting to cut in front of you in the Walgreens line!

@Melissa: I blame the post-win endorphin rush. I mean, she meant it in the most LOVING way!!!

@Sauntering: So glad this win made you smile through the craptasm that is currently going on! I hope it brings you all new, positive energy!

@Jen: You should put some of that energy towards your pole dance work. I've noticed your "technique" in class. We might need to talk. AND, you're so welcome for Anthony's gouche. It's a gift, you know. Also, he knows exactly how to decorate it! I'd say it doesn't get any better than a silver speedo.

@SisMis: Aren't you nice?!?

Spammon said...

A moral victory it is. So to the rest of you LOSERS...WHO'S THE MORAL ONE NOW????

Rob said...

And the winner for the best use of the word "gouche" in a caption is...

Jules said...

@Spammon: HAHAHAHAHA! Nicely done, sir.

@Rob: Me????!!!! I'm so proud!