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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Yo! Edvard Munch...

Yo! Edvard Munch*... I'm happy for your painting skills & imma let you finish, but Oprah has the best SCREAM of all time. OF ALL TIME!!!!!!**

My favorite is when she introduces the cast of Friends with outstretched arms and a heartfelt, "Frrriends!!!"

I plan to be doing this ALL weekend whenever I see anybody I know. Furthermore, it is no exaggeration when I write that if someone made a video of every guest announcement Oprah has ever made on her show over the last 24 years, I would sit down and watch it several times.

*Related sidenote: His last name is pronounced "Monk", which I learned 13 years ago when interviewing for a museum gift store job and saying it like it's spelled. I got corrected on the pronunciation, screamed in embarrassment (on the inside) and then I got hired anyway.

**It's not too late for yet another Kanye West/Taylor Swift reference, is it?


Gene said...

When I first learned that there were lots of paintings, that was one of my faves. Now it's "Room in New York" by Edward Hopper.

House of Jules said...

Nice one, Gene! I love Edward Hopper!

Ashleen Woods said...


I'm a huge fan of Edvard Munch and was really excited when I got to see a bunch of his works on display in Chicago for a short time. Little known fact about "The Scream:" Munch did several versions of this trying to fully relay his feelings when he experienced "nature crying out." Also, he was very experimental and worked with various mediums, using oil pastels quite often (in fact, I'm not so sure he painted this version of "The Scream," I'd have to double check, cause I'm not positive, but I'm pretty sure this was oil pastel on cardboard (I know it's on cardboard...just can't recall if he used pastels or not.) Anyway, one of those Screams got stolen from it's museum in Europe several times to be held on ransom: the thieves were even caught of video once! It's not funny, but you have to wonder what kind of security the museum has to get robbed twice. In both cases, the works were returned (I think "Madonna" was the other stolen piece.) Just a couple little known facts I like to share, since I'm an avid art fan and Visual Arts major!

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Ashleen Woods