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Monday, November 23, 2009

What are kidneys selling for these days, anyway?

Not only do I need that Chewbacca family portrait hanging in my living room, but I have coveted this charming, Jim Datz-illustrated Manhattan poster for far too long. The first printing of 500 sold out before I could get one, so I signed up for a second printing e-mail alert. Missed that one because I had to pay for something stupid, like my electric bill.

I got the 3rd printing e-mail alert yesterday. My disposable income of the past few months has been spent on that big project I have yet to tell you about, although I *suppose* that other people's genuine needs should come before my own "needs" anyway.

Now, who has some extra cash laying around taking up space? I have a kidney to sell that is just your size!



Gene said...

I've sometimes thought that if I had been born with ovaries, I'd be selling my eggs until I had a beach house. Which I'm sure isn't a very nice thing to say.

House of Jules said...

@Gene: By 2005, I had sold all of my female organs trying to keep my 1988 Acura Integra running. It was a process that took several years, but after repairing most everything in that thing, I was out of "parts" to fundraise with. So, I've moved on to kidneys.