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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

You are not forgotten

Today I wanted to thank all Veterans for your service and sacrifices, with much love and respect to each of you; but especially:

Willy Springer
Mike Pinksaw
Jim Leigh
Jim Carolyn
Dave Minto
Ron Clough

...and all the other top notch men of the 60th LCC Jungle Eaters; US Army.

Michael Kopaczewski, 1st Cavalry; US Army

James Wells, USS Theodore Roosevelt; US Navy

Roy Fenstermaker; US Navy

Tom Filz; US Army

Jeff Genner; US Army

***It is in your honor that I continue to adopt soldiers who are forging ahead in your tradition of excellence and bravery. You're all my heroes.****

If anyone is interested in adopting a soldier, you can find a number of websites through a simple internet search. The below hotlink is the one I have used to adopt no less than 30 soldiers over the past 4 years, and the one I still use today. The process is extremely straight-forward. The soldiers really just ask for basic things that we take for granted every day; like socks, soap, razors, deodorant, sunscreen...and pretty much anything at all you'd like to send them. It's a great thing for school teachers or scout leaders to involve kids in, as well.

I've found that what the soldiers crave and appreciate the most is a reminder that they haven't been forgotten; and the kindness of a stranger will work wonders for every one of them. What will end up surprising you the most is how much it does for YOU...

Click here: Operation AC: Adopt-A-Soldier

Thanks Dad!



Anonymous said...

Well, you had me crying again. We never want to forget these men and women. They are brave souls and I hold a special spot for them. Thanks again.

Grandma W

k a t i e said...

I never knew anything like this existed - what a fantastic, brilliant idea. I'm in the process of signing up - I can't think of a better gift to give someone in the upcoming holiday season, too, but a real live soldier! (well, you know what I mean...but I know, if I told my mother that's what I got her, she'd have hysterics).

House of Jules said...

@GrandmaW: Mmm Hmm! xoxo

@KATIE: I am *SO* excited to read that you just signed up to adopt-a-soldier! THAT IS FANTASTIC/YOU ARE FANTASTIC!!!! It'll be one of the most appreciated gifts you ever give. So happy for you & your soldier!

Anonymous said...

Hi Julie! Can it really be 40 years since I came home from Vietnam already? Where did the time go?? It seems like 2 or 3 years ago, if that.

I want you to thank you for remembering me, my Jungle Eater Unit and the guys I served with. I also wish to thank you for remembering ALL service men and women from every theater of operation, no matter where, when they served, or the jobs they did and are doing. Your on-going caring and kindness to 'our men and women' out there continues to make me proud of you and I really can't put my feelings into words. Since I can remember, you have inspired me and made me wonder in awe how I got so lucky to have two daughters who care so much about things of importance. I love you more and more each day Julie and since returning from the jungles of Vietnam, I never take life for granted nor my two girls! You amaze me! Your heart is huge, your compassion is great, and your caring is unbelievable! As your Dad, I send you a hug and kiss. As a veteran, I send you a....SALUTE OF GRATITUDE for what you did and do for me as well as what you continue to do for our service men and women. You make me so proud!

I Love you!!


House of Jules said...

Stop making me cry, dad!!! Love you...

Ben said...

Julie you rock! I hope you never ever get tired of being such a kind and caring person.

Ben Genner