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Friday, November 13, 2009

Today is a BIG day!

After 4 months of hard work on behalf of others (which I alluded to HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE), today is Stage 1 of sharing it with the surprise recipients.

By the time you read this, my friend/partner in this undertaking & I will have already made our presentation, while shedding some heartfelt tears with everyone in the room, after which we've no doubt moved on to high-fiving each other, laughing giddily from adrenaline/sleep deprivation and talking about how we can't believe we pulled it off while knocking back a couple of beverages, if you know what I'm saying. And I think you do.

I am beyond excited! More on this whole thing next week after I get back home and get some sleep.

Until then, I'll post daily about other things...but MAN OH MAN, there is a good story coming!


Dena said...

This is all very intriguing, I must say. I know it's late in the game, but let me know if I can be of any assistance. Otherwise I'll just keep my eyes peeled.


Sorry, family joke.

Melisa with one S said...

I can't wait! I was thinking about you girls all day long! Call me tomorrow in between naps if you have time! (or Sunday!) (Please?)

Gene said...

Does this have anything to do with your 25th! birthday! surprise!?

House of Jules said...

@Dena: Hahahaha! Please, whatever you do, don't peel my eyes. Thanks!

@Gene: Uh, no. Definitely not. DEFINITELY not.

Anonymous said...

I know you have done an outstanding job. Can't wait to here all the very details.

Love Grandma W