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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

No offense to Amish people*

When I am having difficulty overcoming a big challenge of any kind, I imagine that my life depends on my ability to fully explain--without the use of any visual aides--the internet to Amish people.

After 5 minutes of that, everything seems easier.

*Not that Amish people will read this.



125azul said...

I don't know....


Anonymous said...

Are saying you think of the simple life they have like no cars machinery etc. and NO COMPUTERS.

Love Grandma W

Spammon said...

I suppose they are thinking the same thing as trying to explain to you where the first batch of Amish friendship bread started.

House of Jules said...

@GrandmaW: Mom: I'm saying that trying to explain the internet without the help of visual aides to Amish people would be infinitely more challenging than any challenge I have to actually overcome.

@Spammon: I think for the entire time I was in middle school, we had Amish Friendship bread on our counter top. Not sure how we broke the cycle, but we finally did!

Gene said...

Well, they DO make those Amish space heaters so maybe they've heard of it. ;)

Anonymous said...

Dude, I love everything about this post AND the comments.

House of Jules said...

@125Azul: That site is hilarious!

@Gene: I just read a NYTimes article on those "Amish" space heaters. Never heard of them (or the scandal) before your comment. Love that the business fronting has an "F" rating from the BBB!

@Charissa: Dude, totally. :)