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Monday, November 16, 2009

Just call me "Dear Abby"

Just one example of the solid advice I come up with on-the-fly:

Friend: "He's taking me to a place where I have to wear a cocktail dress. I don't own a cocktail dress. Is it too early to tell him I'm more of an Arby's kind of gal?"

Me: "You gotta show him your class before you show him your ass."



Melisa with one S said...

Dear Abby, yes, but I also (though for no reason at all other than the rhyme) thought of Nipsy Russell.

What ever happened to him, anyway?

P.S. Good advice!

Tenakim said...

true that.

Gene said...

I think I prefer cocktails over all of those. Because I'm classy.

Anonymous said...

Good advice, if you don't have a cocktail dress it is easy to find a cheap black dress which works for any occasion.

Love Grandma W

Troop 542 said...

She said "cheap!"

Stacey said...

Question: Should the cheap dress cover said ass? I'm just sayin'.

Spammon said...

I've never thought about an Arby's uniform as being a sexy dress up type of thing. But I suppose if she can capture the smell of greasy fries and dry roast beef into it, that date will be headed for the bedroom/kitchen quicker than she thinks.

House of Jules said...

@Stacey: Depends on how cheap that ass is!

@Spammon: I think you've just stumbled upon my 2010 Halloween costume!

NerdyRedneck Rob said...

Advice like that is why women are eaten by thier cats after they die.

House of Jules said...

ROB!!!! If I had your phone number I would've called & given you an earful right now. And then I would've given your number to Stacey so she could give you an earful! What the? If a guy asks me out, and says he's taking me to an upscale place on our first date, I'm not going to tell him to take me to Arby's because it's rude.... and he may not *like* Arby's.

Just like if I was all about upscale places all of the time (which I'm not) and he wanted to take me to his fave place which happens to NOT be upscale, I wouldn't suggest going to the fancy joint.

Let's get a dialogue rolling, either here or via email. Stacey wants in on it, too. (PS we totally laughed at your comment by the way, so there isn't a negative tone here... but c'mon. Eaten by cats?