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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The foolproof, 4-step plan to finding my soul mate

I think this is a pretty rock-solid way to go about finding that one* special person to spend a lifetime of happiness with. Maybe I shouldn't be revealing my secrets in such a public forum without charging money, but the hell with it. I'm in a giving mood!

1. Whenever I'm sketching something out--be it for a design idea or any reason at all-- or if somebody else is sketching something out/doodling, OR if I find myself playing Pictionary with a group of people--which happens more often than you'd think-- I will at some point blurt out, "Baby Fish Mouth!"**

2. I pause to see if anyone laughs.

3. If so, I find out if he's laughing because: a) those 3 words sound funny together but he doesn't know what it's from, b) he thinks I have a head injury, or c) because he actually knows what movie scene the phrase is from and thinks it's funny, too.

4. If "a": I reenact the scene, reveal the movie and wait for his eyes to glaze over. Usually doesn't take long once he knows what movie the quote is from. Usually at this point, the other females in the room start talking about how that movie changed their lives in every way possible and all the dudes tune out.

If "b": I'm certainly not going to have a future with a guy who laughs when he thinks someone is has a head injury! On to the next!

If "c": I marry that man.

Foolproof, right? Easy peasy lemon squeezy***!


Fun fact: My other favorite line in that scene is, "Draw something resembling anything!****"

*Or, you know, whatever. Maybe you plan on spending your lifetime with several. I'm not judging you, Elizabeth Taylor.
**I have been known to blurt out many movie quotes at all hours of the day in any situation. Single men, that is your cue to hit on me because obviously we have the same taste in movies.
***As said in the entertaining film, In the Loop, it's more like Difficult, Difficult, Lemon, Difficult!
****That one often gets tossed around by me & my graphic designer brethren as a benign insult during meetings with clients. Oh, designer inside jokes never get old!



Melisa with one S said...

God, I hope we play Pictionary with Jim's parents next weekend. (Mom probably still has that rum, right?)

Corbie said...

Too bad I'm not available - I totally 'got' it. Funny.

ree said...

My very favorite Pictionary quote ever (from best friend's husband to best friend):

"Draw this Bitch."


House of Jules said...

@SisMis: Um, you hope? As if Jim's dad isn't going to come over with the drawing board & markers! I can't wait!!!

@Corbie: The ladies always get it, Corb!

@Ree: I LOVE it. I may have to use that one over next wkend during our family tournament.

Anonymous said...

Well, if we are going to play someone else better have that game that is one we don't have. I think we played it once with them.

By the way I love that movie.

Grandma W

NerdyRedneck Rob said...

Wow! Why just the other day Erica brought a bunch of pecans home from the farmers market so I spontaneously broke into doing the "I'd like a piece of peecan pie" thing.

Nothing. {sigh}

My darling Meg Ryan trying to do the line with the godfathery jowls thing *slays* me. Yes, I know I am deeply weird but we all need to move past that now.

House of Jules said...

@Mom: Yes, they have it, down to the big wipe-off board. No worries!

@Rob: HA! That's the line my sister & I alway quote back & forth (besides the "I'm gonna be 40... someday!) Funny.