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Monday, December 24, 2007

Those cassette tapes never stood the test of time, but luckily my lips did; also see: "Tick Tock Ya Don't Stop"

I've written a handful of posts about my 2 favorite books of 2007: Remembering Ruby (my sister's fabulous book for families, classrooms, pet-lovers, anyone with a heartbeat!) & Transit Maps of the World (Mark Ovenden's drool-worthy book filled with, you guessed it, transit maps of the world!), and I've also written eleventy-seven-thousand jokey-joke posts on what it takes to get me to make out with guys... which, it turns out, is surprisingly not much (In my defense, this guy led me down the path of legendary lip-locking back in 1985 and I never turned back).

So, it seems that H.o.J. friend Rob not only bought the above listed books based on my recommendations (as many of you did!), but also sent me an email with photo evidence as an invitation (challenge?) to make good on my words:

Trust that you will have my full attention with a subject line of, "Let the make out begin!". I'm not going to mention anything about that mysterious last line in his e-mail, though. I'll let someone else make the first quip.

Here's the photo he sent along with his e-mail. Oooh, books on the fireplace. Very romantic, no?!

All we need now is some mood-enhancing music. With such profoundly deep lyrics, how can anyone blame me for suggesting this classic:

Do not underestimate the seductive power of Color Me Badd. I played this cassingle (remember those?) so much in my first year of college that I wore it out. I have no shame about that; which seems to be a running theme on this blog.

I'll tell you what, Rob. As soon as you get back from your vacation in Mexico, you should: pour some wine, light a fire in that fireplace, and put on my favorite 90's mood music. You will then have the makings of what could be a very special evening, whether I'm actually there with you or not.


Melisa said...

ROFL! I hope Rob will post about how that goes!

P.S. Many thanks again for buying my book, Rob! :)

Suburban Scrawl
Remembering Ruby

ALF said...

Merry Christmas!

Melissa said...

LOL! Rob, I think you've been called out...and where was the other hand?

Happy Holidays!!

Taj said...

It's Rob, we all know where the other hand was!

Would you believe I still have my Color Me Bad cassingle somewhere in my garage! It's a never ending source of bad jokes at my expense whenever anyone sees it.

*and I kid you not my word verification letters are rBADHOz Blogger trying to tell me something?*

Swishy said...

Color Me Badd! HA! How I loved them!

Kristabella said...

Hahaha! Color Me Badd. Remember when they were on 90210? Those were the days!

suchsimplepleasures said...

thanks a lot!!! now, i'm going to be singing that to my husband...who i'm mad at, right now so...he's going to get the WRONG idea!!!

Jules said...

@MySistaMelisa & Melissa: I don't know when Rob gets back from his trip, but I *assume* he'll make an appearance here, if only to explain that last line in his e-mail.

@ALF: Backatya! I won't ask about Melmac again because I now know the story behind the letters!

@Taj: I believe you 100%, and it's not just because I am almost certain that I also have the CMB cassettes in a rubbermaid somewhere. You "R" a "BAD HO" (I mean that in the best way... we should get silky jackets like the Pink Ladies!) and blogger verification was just pointing out that it sees all things.

@Swishy & KJ: Yes, I loved them, too. I temporarily blocked out the whole 90210 appearance until I read your comment, and then it all came back to me!

@SuchSimplePleasures: If Color Me Badd can't broker some kind of resolution, nothing can! That song was written for a challenge like that! (and if nothing else, you can change the words to "I woulda sexed you up" and see how that works! Good luck (to your husband)!

Taj said...

I totally wish I could sew because I would be making those jackets right now.

Us as Pink Ladies? Would give a completely new meaning to Stranded At The Drive In and Cool Rider.

stacey said...

Holy Crap! I need a jacket too! But they definitely have to be the reversible ones if we're going all Cool Rider. And really, I don't think we should ask Rob where his hand was because I'm pretty sure he'll tell us, and I have a feeling that's one of those things that I'm just better off not knowing.

Jules said...

Taj & Stace: They'll have to be red on one side (since I can't really see any of us getting into the whole pink thing), and black on the other... and we should call ourselves Red Hot Babes or something like that (since I can't really see any of us getting into the whole being a LADY thing). You know that since we're all well versed in Cool Rider, that we'll need 3 ladders, right?

Stace: As for your comment on maybe being better off not knowing about the location of someone's hand, I got a good laugh out of that... because of your delicate sensibilities and all. :) xo

Melisa said...

Uh, FOUR ladders? Hello?

Jules said...

MelisaMySista: Yes, of course! FOUR ladders. Why don't I just go ahead and say that everyone should B.Y.O.L.?

Melisa said...

You've been tagged!

Suburban Scrawl

Sarah said...

Okay...I had totally forgotten about this little jewel of a song, and now here I am....jamming to your blog. ;) Great stuff

MOMMY said...

When we moved almost 2 years ago, my daughters stumbled upon a box of my "cassingles". I don't know what was worse trying to explain why mommy had owned a song called "me so horny" or WTH was a CASSINGLE?!?? I've never felt older than in those few minutes. ,)

Jules said...

@Sarah: I am glad I helped you rediscover a classic!

@Mommy: I almost wet myself when I read your comment... "Me So Horny" is almost as bad as having the cassingle for Dead Eye Dick's "Mary Moon", which was a hit in the 90's that had this for a chorus:
"Mary Moon, she's a vegetarian
Mary Moon, Mary Moon, Mary Moon
Mary Moon will outlive all the septuagenarians
(Mary Moon, Mary Moon, Mary Moon)
Oh she loves me so, she hates to be alone
She don't eat meat but she sure like to bone "

Of course, I had that cassingle.

Rob said...

Ah Jules, I lit the fire, poured out a generous helping of some of the finest vintage Mad Dog 20/20 available and put on the music.

It was a VERY special evening! The couch cushions may never be the same.


Now for all you people wondering where my other hand was, I have to say I am shocked and appalled. Jules, I had no idea such dirty, dirty minded girls read your blog!

That must be why I keep coming back! ;)

Andie said...


I just nearly spit out water all over my keyboard. LOL

Melissa said...

LOL! I have actually been called worse ;)