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Monday, May 19, 2008

Remarkably valiant, indeed

"Nicole Rothman, cherished wife of the Alabama Shakespeare Festival's Production Manager Timothy O'Connell, died peacefully at their home this morning after a remarkably valiant battle with cancer."

Me & Nicole in NYC at a 1998 SARK workshop.

Once some of these tears have dried, I'm going to tell you a little more about my sweet, yet kick-ass friend Nic. Then, for those of us who loved her with all of our hearts, life will have to go on; as it always does. There are just so many things to say about her, none of which are powerful enough to convey what I feel is left from this loss.

I know that you really would have liked her.


Nic's song... one more time, with feelin'.

Shine (Cyndi Lauper)
Shine I'll stand by you
Don't try and push me away 'cause I'm just gonna stay
You can shine, I won't deny you and don't be afraid it'll all be ok

Do you know my name
Well I ain't gonna take that big time line, won't be beat by a lie
Gonna call out to these embers waiting to ignite
Gonna pull you up by your love, by your love, and tell you

Shine I'll stand by you...

I can see the frown you wear all around like some faded crown
Like a watch over wound
Gonna call down to this diamond buried underground
Gonna pull you up by your love, by your love and tell you

When it's said and done what you need will come
and time won't let me let you let me waste it this time