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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Putting the Hump in Humpday: Renaissance Man offers himself to me; prizes to you!

There's a first time for everything, and this is H.O.J.'s first prize giveaway, which goes hand-in-hand with February's Hump of the Month post! Did I mention the prizes are AUTOGRAPHED? If ever there was a time for each of you (regulars and especially lurkers) to leave a comment or 10, this is it!  

Back in January, I went with an old friend to my favorite hang, The House of Blues, for drinks and dinner. Yes, in that order. HOB always has great live music and that night we got to experience the Dayton, Ohio-based Eric Jerardi Band (EJB). I posted some good banter between my friend & I from that weekend which you can re-read in entirety HERE, but this is what was said in reference to EJB:

"I had no idea Dayton, Ohio was capable of so much hot, sexified funk."

"Dayton's actually a really progressive city. We'll have to go when you come to visit, it's only a couple of hours from my place."

"Definitely! In the meantime, I'm gonna have to bone up on the Ohio music scene!"

"You said 'bone'!"


During the show, neither of us could sit still, take our eyes off the stage or keep our minds from weaving elaborate fantasies for that matter. Eric Jerardi is talented AND charming; which was all working in his favor, to say the least. I know my friend is going to say something in the comments about being first to "call dibs" on Jerardi, but I will say in my defense that there was a certain guy sitting next to us whose big, dumb head was blocking my view, and I'm sure it was on purpose. I was either going to get a kink in my neck from the strain, which would have taken away from my enjoyment of Jerardi's gravely, growl-y, HOT voice; or relegate myself to keeping my vertebrae in natural order and watching the bassist most of the night. Thankfully, I didn't have to SEE Jerardi to HEAR Jerardi (or, for that matter, FEEL him, if you know what I'm sayin', and I think you do...) so it was all good.

Everyone in the place was enjoying themselves, because EJB knows how to show the crowd a good time. There was just enough banter with the audience to show that he has a killer wit, and his music had more funk than is legal in most northern states. This is the kind of band you should definitely see live, because I am quite certain every couple in the place got lucky later that night, and maybe even one or two right there in the bar. Not that I'd know anything about that kind of behavior.

At one point in the show, Jerardi said that he was going to make the mood "a little bit darker", and then proceeded to play a song that made me sit up straighter, because just hearing his voice for that song wasn't enough for me. I had to see his face, too. It just did it for me... the whole package. I missed the title of the song, but I had to have it so I went to search iTunes. That didn't get me very far, so I decided to e-mail him directly and find out the song title. While he was gracious enough to write back a few days later (which totally impressed me because he was on tour) I had already become impatient a day earlier and decided to do a lyric search, which gave me the answer. It was a cover of Tom Waits' "Make it Rain", and unfortunately it's not on any of Jerardi's CDs. It is, however, in this YouTube video (Double-click on either 'play' arrow if you have trouble with the video):

Skip ahead to 2:30 (or -6:00, depending on which way the little clock is running) to see EJB do some serious justice to Tom Wait's "Make it Rain"; and turn it up! I will be busy trying to stop myself from making out with the man nearest to me. Or maybe I'll be busy NOT trying to stop myself...

In my initial e-mail to him, I mentioned that I wrote about that night on my blog and supplied the link. After reading it, his response was:

"I need to spend at least an evening if not a weekend with you and your friends. I love it. To complicate matters, I must tell you more about myself..."

Based on that reaction alone, this is a man who could very much hang with my friends and I for an evening or a weekend. Only the ones with a good sense of humor survive, trust me. To make a long-ish story short-ish, the man is a professional musician AND he owns one of Dayton, Ohio's top specialty gourmet food and wine shops, Jerardi's Little Store! In addition to all of that, he created and hosts a DVD series called Get Real Wine, featuring a backstage tour of wineries around the world by region.

He's a modern day renaissance man, and is a natural fit for February's Putting the Hump in Humpday. Sigh. He was game enough to submit to my every whim a personal interview, and to autograph 2 CDs I bought from him. He also threw in an autographed copy of his Get Real Wine Series 1 DVD: Napa & Sonoma Harvest; all of which will be given away to 3 lucky readers!  Details at the end of his interview.

DISCLAIMER: I'm not Rolling Stone Magazine, so cut me some slack on the quality of my questions and technique! Interviewing someone is more difficult than you think. Lucky for me, Jerardi doesn't bite. Hard. Besides, the upside of NOT being a professional reporter is that I don't have to be all that professional. You see where this is heading, right? It's a good thing that he is very candid AND has a great sense of humor, and I hope you do too. This is a real interview, but it contains some not-so-serious questions and answers. Sit back, relax... and enjoy! Then, leave a comment to get yourself in the running for the prizes (I know a few people who would smack their grandmothers to win this stuff)!

Eric Jerardi, musician extraordinare.

Eric Jerardi, wine expert.

Eric Jerardi, House of Jules' February Hump of the Month. (See how excited he is?)

Who were your earliest musical influences?
I always remember Little Richard, old Elvis records, Buddy Holly, and Jimmy Reed when I was young. I got to Hendrix, which got me to Stevie Ray which got me to Albert King a little later on. Now mix in Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, et al by the time I was in high school. Keep in mind that I didn’t pick up a guitar until I was almost 16.

What a coincidence! That's just about the age I started picking up guys. What was your first Fender?
The one I play today – 1962 Strat – a gift from my Dad after I graduated college.

Given your long touring history, do you have a favorite venue or city that you are particularly interested in visiting again?
I really care more about the people than the venue and whether or not they give a sh*t about what I’m doing. Everyone likes playing big venues, but they can suck if the crowd isn’t on board. The night before I did the House of Blues {Editor's note: Not to be confused with the night he did the House of Jules. Just Kidding.} in January, we did a Thursday show in Omaha from 5:30 til 8:30. Most fun I’ve had in years and quite possibly the best show I’ve ever done. It’s all about the energy, baby!

You just called me "Baby", which means that I'm officially putty in your hands. Soooo, Baby, what is your favorite go-to wine, or one that you've been saving for a special occasion; and what would be the call to open that bottle?
First of all, I am an insufferable, spoiled wine prick. I will take 60 bottles on this next tour that is only 20 days long. However, I don’t covet wine... I drink it. So if there is a very special wine in my cellar that is expensive and rare, the occasion to drink it would be a Tuesday evening because nothing good, or bad, happened to me on that day.

I like so many different wines that I rarely save special ones because I’d rather sell it to someone who wants it more than I do. I almost always drink $20 – $40 French and Italian wine. More specifically, I like reds from Bordeaux & Burgundy (France), and Tuscany & Piedmonte (Italy). I love to cook, and I get paid to do it, so food and wine is important to me. I’ve found that very complex wine is better off on it’s own or with something simple, and that very complex food is better suited for more simple, less complex wine.

You are so speaking my language right now that I'm tempted to cut this interview short to help you "not covet" the wine in your cellar, but I worked really hard on these questions so I suppose we'll keep going. How did you make the leap from a passion for wine to the business venture of Jerardi's Little Store?
I didn’t have a passion for wine when I started this store. I had a marginal interest at best. I grew to love it though. I tasted as much as I could and read as much as I could, and here I am.

If you replaced the word "wine" in your last answer with "Jules", and if you replaced the word "store" with "interview", we would have the perfect arranged marriage right now. Just a thought. Who came up with the idea and picks the destinations for the Get Real Wine Series?
I came up with the idea along with my manager, who is a talented videographer/director/producer. I pick the destinations, write the dialogue and the itinerary.

You also perform all the music on the DVDs! See, I did my research. You realize that I'm a professional photographer, right? I will look for an invitation to your 2009 Chile & Australia trips, because I can be of service. So, what's the 2nd favorite thing a fan has done for you (presuming this is your favorite, of course.)
*********** ******** {Editor's note: E-mail me if you can't guess the first and too-hot-for-publication part of his answer. I'll need to see an ID or proof of your age, first.} without question; always a solid bet when considering gift giving. Maybe guitars I suppose, I’ve gotten a few. Also one fan gave me a rare Tom Waits Playbill, framed and matted in a color that matched my studio which he saw on my music DVD.

Well I know somebody who could work on that first part. Not me, of course, because I'm a lady... why does everyone laugh when I say that? Who would be in your ultimate music supergroup?
Supergroups don’t work; so that’s out. Too many egos, too many dominant styles to blend together.

That explains why VH1's Supergroup didn't stay together! Too many alpha-males! Speaking of which, what's your favorite mood music?
I don’t like mood music at all. I can’t, under any circumstances, have "relations" or the like if there is music playing. I hear music in my head all day and it's maddening at times. Any rhythm from a semi-truck, buzzing beer cooler, or annoying kid will set my wheels in motion. So if I’m trying to get in a “mood”, music will be a distraction to the point of disaster. Maybe you didn’t even mean that type of mood – my mind is always in the gutter.

Oh, that's the type of mood I meant, alright. Your answer is fascinating, I never would have thought music to be such an obstacle. So, getting The Bang CD cued up is out then. This is good information; note taken!

What is your favorite mans-man activity?
Working out and boxing at the gym. I was an athlete when I was younger and no one knew even I played music in high school. I hate watching sports and hanging around dudes who slug draught beer and eat chicken wings. When everyone is watching NASCAR, I’m in the kitchen having cheese, drinking Pouilly Fume with my hands down all of their wives’ knickers. That is my idea of a nice Sunday sporting event.

That is a fantasy sports league my friends and I could get on board with! Ok, on the flip-side of the whole mans-man thing, What's the last chick flick you watched?
I don’t really know, but I guess I don’t really mind chick flicks.

That's the perfect answer, and not just because I'm too busy fixating on what you said your idea of a nice Sunday sporting event was to give the answer to this question the attention it deserves. Did I mention I have a glass of Pouilly Fume here for you? Ok, I'll get back to the questions. Finish this sentence: "It'll be time to pack up the gear for good when..."
I take the dirt nap.

Do you see a live album in your future that would include your super-hot rendition of the song that led us to this moment, Tom Waits' "Make it Rain"? (Otherwise known as the question when I ask how much I have to beg and plead.)
I’m not sure about that. I feel as though I can’t even come close to the original of that song and I feel that I can’t really add anything to it, so I’m thinking no. But who knows. It sounds good with an organ, so that would be different.

I love that you're not ruling it out completely. Until then I will just look forward to you dedicating it to me the next time I see your live show. Sidenote: You said 'organ'.

Finally, the question I've been working toward all night! Your 3 passions in life are music, wine & food. Describe the best night all 3 of those coincided, and take it slow. I'm about to get comfortable.
Ok, I come over to your house around 8. I have a bottle of Bollinger Champagne, a basket of French food and more wine. While we drink the Champagne, I put together a little charcuterie plate with country pate, foie gras, cornichons, cheese, Dijon, and a baguette. I pop the 2001 Cos d Estournel, and we stand in the kitchen, enjoying the simple French country fare. After all of that, I whip out my.......... guitar, and sing to you for about 20 minutes. Then we fornicate like bunnies.

Uh, yeah. That would do it! DROOL.


A huge thanks to Jerardi for being my first interview subject. You really knew when to be gentle, and when to pull my hair (during the interview). Your appreciation of "sassy broads" is unparalleled! 

As previously mentioned, I have autographed prizes I'll be giving away to 3 lucky readers, who will be picked next week by using a random number generator. All you have to do is make yourself known in the comments and be sure to come back here next week to see if you've won! You can comment as much as you would like, though only one prize per person. If I don't hear from a prize winner within a week of the announcement that they've won, I'll choose replacement winner(s) the following week.

Here's what could be yours:

Prize #1: An autographed (!!) copy of Eric Jerardi Band's "Live" CD

Prize #2: An autographed (!!) copy of Eric Jerardi Band's "Restless" CD

Prize #3: An autographed (!!) copy of Get Real Wine Series 1, Napa & Sonoma Harvest DVD

After commenting here (as many times as you want.... increase your chances!), head over to Jerardi's official website for tour dates and go see him live! You will not be sorry. Don't forget to come back next week to see if you won!

March's Humpday post will feature: Javier Bardem, but sadly no autographed prizes! I'm keeping him too busy for that.

You can read January's Humpday post HERE.


Melisa said...

WOW-WA-WEE-WAH! That was awesome! Great post! I have to go back and read it again so I'll comment again later (better odds on winning, you know). You rock!

Kat said...

Well Jules what can I say? Your interview's better than Rolling Stone Magazine's - more entertaining anyway.

So that is what you had in the pipeline all this time and I kept wondering what could possibly have in stock for you to postpone your Humpday Post about Javier Bardem. I knew it had to be something really awesome if you let us hang in there. And voilá it was totally worth the wait.


Melissa said...

Wow, fornicate like bunnies....NICE!! If I don't win I think I'll have to buy the CD just for that comment alone!


Melek said...

isn't it cool when a 'STAR' or even just a local musician ends up being a normal person? we had that experience with Matt the Electrician here in Austin. My sis saw him play, loved him, and the kids fell in love with his music. so when she came to visit with the kids, we went to see him. and he remembered her from her emails, played songs for the boys and even gave her a shout out during the show. it was so nice!

and yes, Jerardi has that hot sultry look and sound...yum! but dang it, he's not coming to Austin :(

The [Cherry] Ride said...

Wow, great post.

Umm, have you two made a love connection? 'Cuz it seems like he'd be totally open to it.

Stacey said...

Not happy that apparently I'm predictable. But I SOOOO called dibs. Besides, Pivs, Javi? Don't be greedy. It would be a damn shame if my number came up for that DVD. ;)

Jen said...

AWESOME interview, Jules! I love that he's so into the questions and takes them seriously, but I especially love that you didn't take them too seriously which led to a great back and forth between you two (I said back and forth....)

Spammon said...

My entire life up until this post, I have never heard of this Eric Jerardi. Which is all the more reason the random number should be me. I've also never interviewed anyone famous. I was interviewed once and put on a commercial in 2nd grade about wearing your seat belt in the car. So I guess you could say I am famous.

Amanda said...

Hey Jules!

Just swung by via way of Manic to say Hi - Blimey!! I thought Manic could go n a bit but you win the long blog contest hands down! Couldn't read all of it due to my two little helpers "helping" but the bits I scanned were good.

Jen said...

I hate to say it, but I think Stacey has a point. Maybe you're trying to COUGAR too many famous people!

waitress13 said...

I have no idea who you are, but feel that we must have gone to middle school together somewhere in time. I have truly spit coffee on my keyboard reading your blog -- at last, someone who understands my 80s references. And I am actually from Fort Worth, home of Billy Bob's and El Saco de Toro!

I have no idea who Eric Jerardi or his band is, but he had me with "I don't covet wine, I drink it." Yes, I bet you do. If his music is as smoky and hot as he is, I really want to check out his music which is why I'm gunnin' for an autographed CD!

Thanks Jules! You keep me amused amongst the wreckage.

Alex said...

I'm a sucker for a contest. But don't think for a second that I won't go back to lurking after this...

Lovely interview, Jules. And a fantastic pick for Hump in Humpday. Music + Food + Wine = DEAD SEXY.

Jen said...

Alex, I am from Fort Worth, too! Come visit me at!

Jen said...

Sorry, I said Alex, but I meant WAITRESS!#!!! My bad!

Jules said...

Obviously I'm not counting myself in the running for the prizes when I comment back to everyone, so no worries....(see, I'm not greedy!)

@SisMis: Vaary nice, how much? King of the castle, king of the castle! I have a chair!

@Kat: I'm so glad you enjoyed it, I know how anxious you've been for Javi's Hump post... but he's up next, I promise! In the meantime, yes, this is what I had "up my sleeve", and couldn't trust myself to keep a secret for another month.... so Jerardi got to go before Javier. Thanks for hanging in there, you know I wouldn't let you down!

@Melissa: I know, right? That man has all the bases covered. "Rawwwrrr!" is all that comes to mind when I hear his music or see those photos, especially that 2nd one of him at some wine fest. The look on his face... OH, and by the way, if you have a myspace account you should definitely check out the photos on his page because there is one photo of him and a taxidermied (sp?) bear that I promised I wouldn't use in this post... but I am telling you, I've never wanted to be a stuffed bear in all of my life. He's so naughty!!!

@Melek: I have never heard of Matt the Electrician but he sounds like a very cool dude... I love it when people who could otherwise get away with being jerks are nothing of the sort. I bet your nephews must have been SO excited! Jerardi tours a lot and hopefully on the next leg he'll make a trek down south. Jen is in Dallas so if he does get down your way, you'll probably see her there!

@CherryRide: Thanks! The only comment I'll make on the love connection is this: Not to say that one of us can just call dibs on a grown man and have him COMPLY, but if the option is there, fair is fair and Stacey (the "old friend" with me that night, and who commented just after you) called dibs first. Trust me when I tell you that I am still kicking myself... I blame Mr. Big Dumb Head who blocked my view for most of the show.

@Stacey: Ok, you're not predictable if I'm not greedy! I mean, how could anybody call me that when I'm giving away the 3 autographed items from Jerardi? Seriously, in this situation I'm riding the line between saint and crazy person. Don't think for a second that I haven't been violating that DVD 100 different ways, though. (Just kidding to whoever is lucky enough to win it!!!!) As far as I'm concerned, a woman is allowed to call dibs on as many men as she wants, so if that's greedy... oh, wait. I'm too busy with all of these hot men to be greedy! ;)

@Jen (part 1): Thanks! When he got to the end of his answer on that last question it was all I could do to avoid saying, "HEY-OHHHH" a'la Bret Michaels. You sure did say back & forth. Twice. That makes me happy in my knickers.

@Spammon: Well, this is exactly why the Hump of the Month posts are VERY IMPORTANT. Were you wearing your little red bandana in the seat belt commercial? That is hilarious! The key to getting an interview with someone famous? Ask. I'm telling you that I have gotten more great experiences when I've asked for them....

@Amanda: Hey! So glad you stopped over. My posts aren't ALWAYS this long, just the last few have been. I even cut out some of the interview. Oh well. I'll have to hit up your place later!

@Jen (part 2): First off, by definition I can't COUGAR any of those men because they're all (slightly) older. So there. Secondly, there is no limit on how many famous people I have on my list! Who are you?! ;)

@Waitress13: I lived in Fort Worth for awhile, so we actually MIGHT HAVE GONE TO SCHOOL TOGETHER!!! I was in 2nd grade then, so you probably don't recognize me from the photos. I'm so glad that you "get" me! Sorry about the coffee on your keyboard. I already owe Cherry Ride money for dry cleaning because he did the same thing the other day when he read the Chippendale meat recall post I wrote, so just send me the bill... And, YES, his music is as smokin' hot as he is and I know you'll love it. Glad to keep you amused and that you delurked! Don't be shy...

@Alex: I totally heard Mike Myers as Fat Bastard in my head when I read your "DEAD SEXY" comment, and I completely agree. It cannot get any better than music + food + wine. It's a sure thing. Like Waitress13, I'm so glad you de-lurked at least this once! Yay for you!

@Jen (part 3!): Maybe Alex is from Fort Worth, too! We'll never know though, unless Alex comes out of the shadows again... or unless Alex wins one of the prizes!!! It's a mystery until either of those things happen, though.

Jules said...

Oh, and as for that bear photo... any of you who don't have myspace (and therefore can't see the photo I wrote to Melissa about in the above comment, email me at: casajules (at) gmail (dot) com

and I'll email it to you. It's that good. Well, if you have a cheeky sense of humor!

Troop 542 said...

Honey, if anyone can COUGAR an older man, IT IS YOU....and that's why you have my undying admiration for life!

kristabella said...

Wow! Wine and good music and good looks! Clearly very deserving for the Hump of the Month!

You had me at wine.

And now I have to go to Dayton.

Stacey said...

I would like to clarify, that you weren't exactly complaining about Mr. Big Head in front of you while you were drooling over the bass player. Oh, how quickly she forgets. Besides, Jerardi and I have the same glasses. So clearly, he is my density.

Anonymous said...

Oh, you rock and so does this post. Pick me pick me, oh random machine of picking. I'll be back to post again.....for enjoyment AND to increase my chances. I've got my eye on that DVD.

Jules said...

@Troop 542: What, exactly, are you insinuating about me? I'll have you know that I was once a Girl Scout and have the sash to prove it. Coincidentally, I earned my "Cougaring" badge a few years ago.

@KJ: I knew he would be right up your alley. Or, rather, I knew the wine would be right up your alley. But maybe that's too much talk about what specifically is up your alley. I feel a road trip to Dayton coming on!

@Stacey: It is understandable how you are confusing 2 conversations we had that night; one about Mr. Big Dumb Head (who I still say was purposely "rock-blocking" with that noggin of his), and the other about Mr. Big Head. These are 2 entirely different men and I definitely voiced my complaints about the one ruining my view of Jerardi. As for the other one... well, what's to complain about?

Besides, I've already stated, several times that you called dibs, so yes McFly, he is your density. I can still drool shamelessly over him, I mean, we've been friends for over 20 years, HAVE YOU MET ME? BECAUSE IT'S WHAT I DO!

When you 2 go on your first date, ignore the woman in a bear costume coming up to your table. It's not me.

@Cha: I'm so glad you left your name because when I first saw 'anonymous', I thought to myself, "Really? Somebody is going to enter a contest and not bother to sign in?, so good for you because you found a way around that whole anonymous thing, thereby keeping my limbic system from overloading.

alex said...

Now I have to delurk once again to clarify: I am not from Fort Worth, though it may be a place I have to visit if it breeds such lovely people as jen and Waitress.

And Jules - don't think I didn't notice that you avoided personal pronouns when you wrote about me. I love having an u-'n-I-sexual name. I'm a girl.

Stacey said...

P.S. Jen, nice "mix-up" on the "I live in Fort Worth too!" posts. Shameless attempt to get more entries in the drawing. I, of course, am only putting up legitimate posts. And if you believe that, . . .

Melisa said...

Girls, girls, stop this arguing right now!

(ahhh...there's another entry for moi!)

Sauntering Soul said...

Since blues is my favorite genre of music (I'm not just saying that for this contest - I've stated this fact many times on my blog) I think you should definitely 'fix' this contest so that I win. Plus, Atlanta is not listed on his tour dates and I may not ever get to see him live.

Jerardi had me at 'Albert King'. And when he said he doesn't like mood music the deal was sealed. Okay, I don't exactly have any deals with him, but if I did, that would seal it.

Sauntering Soul said...

Oh shoot. I forgot to say this in my last comment. What a shame that I get another entry....

Your interview was better than any Rolling Stone interview I've ever read. Did I mention I haven't read Rolling Stone in about 20 years? Just kidding!

Sauntering Soul said...

Oh goodness. I'm so forgetful this morning.

I'm glad he said he puts his hands down the wives' knickers and not their panties. Have I told you how much I hate the word panties? Probably not because why would you and I ever be talking about panties?

Jen said...

Stacey!!! I am SHOCKED that you think I am making shameless attempts at multiple entries. What kind of girl do you think I am? Don't answer that! :)

Jen said...

I mean, really.....are you suggesting I am trying to COUGAR the contest? Because I assure you...

Jen said...

I am NOT that kind of girl! :)

alex said...

I think that Sauntering and Jen should be thrown out for outright CHEATING in the contest!

alex said...

Did I mention that where I work we organize a big Blues Festival every summer and I should probably win the contest in hopes that we could get Mr. Jerardi to perform at our festival?

alex said...

I highly doubt someone of Sexypants Jerardi's good looks and talent would be interested in coming up to the Great White North, but wouldn't that be cool if he came here?!

alex said...

PS: Yes, I'm cheating. But hey - if you can't beat 'em...

Sauntering Soul said...

Hey now. I'm not a cheater. Jules encouraged multiple entries. I just like to keep her happy.

Melly said...

"I feel like a fruit picker who arrived after the harvest..."

I have nothing of substance to say, but wanted to show support and take my chance at winning. Although, if I did win, I'd pee myself because I have only once in my life won something, and that was a really cheap camera. You can bet that if I were the lucky recipient of one of these prized gems, it would join the other treasures I have stored at my parents' and don't quite no what to do with them. But suddenly, I have a great (not-so-original) idea for parting with them: I will host a contest and offer them to some lucky person. Just because I can. Of course, given my state of mind, I'll likely forget about this brilliant (not-so-original) idea by morning, not to mention when I'm anywhere near my stash o' stuff.

By the way, Jules, you are now officially the most famous person I know. Not including myself, of course.

Jen said...

OK, Alex (who is NOT from Ft. Worth) is deliberately cheating whereas my multiple

Jen said...

comments were clearly just an oversight on my part. I certainly would never take advantage

Jen said...

of my dear, dear friend's special humpday contest to win a CD or DVD, even if the lead singer is hot, hot, hot! Hey, where are his comments in all of this, anyway?

Jen said...

And by "his" I mean Eric Jerardi. Has he seen this yet because he should! Thank you, Alex for allowing me to clarify my position

Jen said...

on the ridiculous claim that I might actually try to

Jen said...


Stacey said...

Seriously. You people need help.

Jules said...


@Alex: I'm so glad that Jen's ahem "mistake" on your location and my inability to commit to an assumption about your gender moved you to de-lurk yourself! You only bettered your chances at winning by doing so. How exciting! By the way, I always wanted my name to be "Alex" or "Sam" when I was a kid. I think for awhile I also wanted to change my name to Debbie, but I have NO idea why. Nothing against the Debbies of the world, I'm just sayin' that it didn't go along with the ambiguous names I liked so much. The one Debbie I know in real life is a fabulous person and I'd be lucky to be a Debbie but these days I'm good with being Jules!That tidbit right there? You didn't ask for it, but it's the kind of thing people get in return when they comment.

Now that I know you organize a blues fest (is it THEEE Ontario blues fest? The one that Prince performed at a few years ago? Regardless, this news is very exciting and I know who my new best friend is. You & I, we must talk! Why don't you think Mr. Sexypants Jerardi (that is an excellent new name for him, by the way. Very fitting.) would want to perform there? I mean, I prefer a man down south, but up north is good too. Bah dum bump!

Also, I love that you have made your presence known around these parts! Don't let the regulars have all the commenting glory! You're carrying the torch for those lurkers who are still too shy to join us, and your determination may just shake a few more out, which I love!

@Dr. Stacey: If there's one thing you people should already know about me (you & Jen especially!!!) is that I have no shame and often encourage others to be shameless. So, I guess that means good ol' Jen was just following my lead (though she's been shameless since 7th grade at least and since that must mean that I've been following her lead, I guess what this all really means is that she's come full circle! LET'S CELEBRATE, NOT HATE-ER-ATE... or whatever that line from the Mary J. Blige song is!)

You're the doctor around here, you should start prescribing meds. Clearly some of us need it. Which leads me to something hilarious I heard the other day on TV, about a "very sexy learning disorder" called "Sexlexia". If you look it up on urban dictionary, you'll realize that we totally have it. What do you recommend I take 2 of for this condition?

@SisMolis: I'm so glad there's someone here to keep us all in line. Wait a minute... you just did that to double your chances at winning! It must be in our DNA.

@Bev/Sauntering: You know what's funny? Not only did I know that blues is your favorite genre of music, but I also knew of your dislike for the word panties.... but that's only because it was your answer in a meme, I think. Otherwise, I have no idea who I'm confusing you with besides EVERY WOMAN IN AMERICA. Are there actually people who USE that word? It's just so... no, I'm not going to even type it again. I'm not a fan. Thanks for "keeping me happy" with all the comments! You're always looking out for my best interests.

I do have to say that technically, since you have a hot Brazilian boyfriend, you already have one-up on the rest of us... you already know how all-things-Brazilian make me shake my ass!

@Jen: If anyone could be blamed for "Cougaring" a CONTEST of all things, it would be you, and I mean that in the best way. May I compliment you on your ability to be a subtle, delicate flower? ;)

@Melly: Never fear, you have not arrived post-harvest! Thanks for showing your support and taking a chance. Sounds like you don't actually want to win, but I could be wrong. Keep me posted on when you'll be giving away some of your stuff. I want that huge dictionary with all the words you marked once you memorized them. I just used my favorite "Melly" word earlier today on Jen's blog: proclivities, and I remember the night we were dissecting the definition of that one. That was 100 years ago, though. OH, I'm so glad that I'm the most famous person you know besides you. ;)

@THE REST OF YOU LURKING: Feel free to join former lurkers Alex and Waitress13 out here with the rest of us. It's a party in this comment box... Which is not to be confused with the party in my pants.

chasing fireflies said...

First of all, HOLY CRAP 44 comments!

Second of all, this is just the kind of thing I miss about Chicago!

Third, Eric reminds me a little of that guy you vacationed with last month.

Not that its any of my business...


alex said...

I too, would like to encourage lurkers to come out and join the Comment Party! Word has it Jules isn't going to update again until ALL lurkers de-lurkify. Besides, it's way more fun to be bustin' it on the dance floor instead of standing awkwardly in the sidelines, isn't it?

Jules, thanks for all the love, yo. Unfortunately our Blues Festival isn't THHEEEE Ontario one you're thinking of. We don't nearly have the budget for Prince. But we did get Sonny Landreth last year and that was pretty hot.

alex said...

Oh, and I can start calling you Debbie if you want. Actually, if I win a prize I'll call you anything you want - expect late for dinner! (Oh Alex, that was lame)

The Fruitcake Lady said...

heh heh, she (sauntering soul) said "multiple entries".....

texAAsgirl said...

OMG - hubba hubba - when's the next flight to Chicago???!!! I'm so there!

texAAsgirl said...

Did I really use OMG and hubba hubba together??? I may be old school, but I'm keeping up with the times!!! LOL

texAAsgirl said...

At least I can laugh at myself...savor life - it's all about the journey - enjoy figuring out this crazy rubik's cube world!

texAAsgirl said...

What happened to integrity??? Why is everyone cheating just to make multiple entries??? That's sooo wrong.....

Spammon said...

I need to win

Spammon said...

I've decided to pad my entries more. Its like a lottery ticket but free.

Spammon said...

This comment has nothing to do with anything. Just another entry.

Spammon said...

I just ate lunch.

Spammon said...

You know what's crazy?

Spammon said...

This drawing entry is crazy.

texAAsgirl said...

EJ is sooooo hot - I NEED to win! If you knew me, you'd know why! Pu-leeezzz (Texan for please) pick me, oh might random picker!

texAAsgirl said...

Give me a E, give me a R, give me a I, give me a C - pick me!

Stacey said...

Can I punch Spammon in the chest even though it's not St. Patty's Day? Seriously though, I had a great idea. Jerardi should do a House of Jules tour! (I know it's tough, but get your mind out of the gutter - I didn't mean literally to tour you!) Ohio, Chicago, Fort Worth, wherever-the-hell-in-Canada Alex is, Knoxville . . . You get the idea.

Jen said...

Brilliant idea, Stacey! I love it! BTW...he could literally tour me if he wanted!

Jen said...

Not that I'm THAT kind of girl....Well, OK maybe I am!

Jen said...

Spammon: I had chicken for dinner. What did you have for lunch?

Jen said...

There's this really great rub that's made for chicken by McCormick (the same people that do the awesome steak rubs). Really delish. You should try it!

Jules said...

@Kris: Now it's up to a monster 65, but that's mostly my own fault since I encouraged everyone to comment as much as they wanted, thereby increasing their chances at winning. I can't blame them though, I'd do the exact same thing! As for what you miss about Chicago, I hope that Jerardi will wind his way west to your neck of the woods because you'd love seeing him perform.

And, YES, he does kind of look like "that guy" I was with when you last saw me at the beach..., but Stacey called dibs on Jerardi, so he's all hers! If I had a type, and I'm not saying I do, but if I did he might fall into that category. Though it would help his case to BE my type if English was his second language. ;)

@Alex: It really is more fun bustin' it on the dance floor, I couldn't agree more. Those of us bustin' it need an audience, though, so the lurkers still lurking are welcome to applaud at any time.

As for *your* Blues Fest, I'm still mightily impressed and will need more information. Can you e-mail me the fest website? If so, casajules (at) gmail (dot) com Sonny Landreth gets a big thumbs-up in my book!

If you start calling me Debbie, my mom will have a fit. She didn't like the idea when I was 9 and she won't like the idea now. BUT, it can be our little secret, and will be IMPLIED whenever you decide to comment... which you know I encourage from here-on-out!

@Fruitcake Lady: Good catch!

@TexAAsGirl: You so did say "hubba hubba" (I accidentally typed "humma humma", WTF is wrong with me-- don't answer that!) along with "OMG"! You're keepin' old school alive! I love it. I love that you changed your profile photo part way through casting votes, too!

@Spammon: Your "I just ate lunch" entry made me spit out my drink AT WORK. Did I mention my boss was walking by when it happened? It was so slick, I got a raise and a promotion. Thanks.


@Jen: Sorry, biotch, he's currently touring ME, and is only on the first leg, if you get what I'm sayin' and I think you do. BACK AWAY SLOWLY! PS- You said "rub".