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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

It's catchier than the generic name Rabeprazole Sodium, that's for sure!

After work last night, I heard a new drug commercial on the radio. I'm sure that marketing department knew exactly what they were doing when they decided to go with the name, Aciphex, because this kind of genius doesn't just happen accidentally.

It helps if you say it to out loud in a sentence, like "Last night at the club everyone was admiring my Aciphex!"

Interestingly enough, I saw the TV commercial when I got home and thought they could have done MUCH better by that name! In the pitch meeting, I would have suggested they use this scene from the Drew Barrymore movie, "Never Been Kissed":

Drew Barrymore has obviously been prescribed Aciphex!

Speaking of reasons behind a good ass-shake; be sure to come back tomorrow for February's "Putting the Hump in Humpday post. Not only does it feature someone VERY worthy of the title, but I'll be giving away AUTOGRAPHED (by HIM, obviously) PRIZES! 

You can read January's "Humpday" post here.


Spammon said...

I think the commercial should have used 'They Want EFX' by Das EFX.

Side effects include uncontrollable urge to shake booty while listening to 'Rump Shaker' by Wreckx-N-Effect.

Melissa said...

LOL Spammon!! I have to say that is one of the silliest drug names so far...

Jen said...

Ass Effects

Jules said...

OMG Jen: I have to respond to you first. GOOD JOB CAPTAIN OBVIOUS! I love that your comment consists only of the punchline that is this entire blog post!

Spammon: I think we need to start a commercial marketing think tank. I was going to put the Rump Shaker video on this post until I remembered that Drew Barrymore scene and was happy to find it on Youtube... So funny about Das EFX, too.

Melissa: Isn't it, though? I have been laughing under my breath all day long, though, just thinking about getting a prescription for Aciphex "filled". Bah Dum Bump!

The Fruitcake Lady said...

I don't know how her Aciphex the situation but if I were the owner of that pink boa I'd be tellin' Drew to keep it.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like something that might relieve constipation. Sign me up.

Jules said...

@Fruitcake Lady: Hee hee.... Good one!

@Cha: I'd know your searches for relief anywhere. :(

The Fruitcake Lady said...

@Jules: Spank you very much.

Andie said...

oh, yeah, my favorite is the Yaz commercial where the chick starts spouting out the side effects like it's a normal conversation. LOL

Some girlfriends and I were in Charleston this summer, and I made a comment about that commercial, and the bartender (a guy) asked if we really did that, and I was like NO!!!! LOL