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Sunday, February 3, 2008

One of my favorite photo subjects is ThirTEEN today

Back when he was a younger superhero, swinging on a swing flying through the air.

The youngest in our family, my nephew J., is officially a teenager today. He's smart, kind, hilarious, and can pick up any instrument to play something by ear. He's been taking guitar lessons for a couple of years and recently asked me a very important question.

"Have you ever heard of the song, Freebird?"

That ranks right up there with the time his older brother (who is on his way to 16) was in 1st grade and told me all about these special CDs his teacher brought to class. They were HUGE, and black.

Of course, they weren't CDs, but records.

I love those kids.


Melissa said...

"Have you ever heard of the song, Freebird?"

Oh the innocence of youth. ;) Happy Birthday, Dude!!

stacey said...

There weren't any flying snakes at the birthday celebration were there? I don't think he could handle that again. Happy Birthday J!!

Swishy said...

Such a cute picture!! LOL on the Freebird ...

chasing fireflies said...

wow. what would it be like to house a teenager.

oh, i don't need to worry about THAT for another 5 years.

Spammon said...

Alas, kids nowadays will never know the perfect sound of a vinyl record. I bet they think mp3's sound better. BAH!

kristabella said...

I can't ever imagine my nephews being teenagers! They have to stay 5 and 6 FOREVER!

Rob said...

It's only a mildly related story but this reminds me of the time my teenage son and I were at a folk music festival. (It aint easy getting a teenager to a folk music festival but I turned him on to "The Toadies" and took him to their reunion tour concert so I had a little street cred with him!)

Anyway, this folk singer asks the crowd, "Does anyone have any requests?"
My son stands and with arms over his head and index and pinkie fingers extended BELLOWS, "FREEEEE BIIIIIIRD! WHOOOOOOOOoooooOOO!" He yelled so loud you could hear his echo bouncing off the wall! He has a wicked sense of humor so he knew EXACTLY what he was doing! :) (And no, I have no earthly idea where he got a sense of humor like that from!)

Without missing a beat the folk singer says, "Ok, any requests besides Free Bird?"