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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

He’s very good at his job, which is all about selling people what they'll like by using imagery they can understand

Recently I had a really bad day (nothing to be *alarmed* about, just a bad day!) and some of my friends checked in to see how I was doing. They knew to do so not only because they're an intuitive lot, my group of peeps, but also because I sent out a mass e-mail to everyone, which may or may not have included the following:

If I get through this day, it will be an actual miracle that I will credit it to any and all of the tipples I've been....tippling. If there is any love in your heart for me, you will think of something supportive, something kind, something witty, or simply something that doesn't sound like a critique on the way I have glasses arranged in my kitchen cabinets; and you'll leave this gem of positivity on my voicemail or in my inbox. Then I'll have more people besides the Robert Mondavi Winery to send thank you notes to next week.

I got plenty of amazingly supportive responses, and I appreciated them all because they were as varied as the personalities of the people I surround myself with. One of these responses made me laugh so hard, though, that I had to share it with you.

What you need to know as background information is that this person makes their living educating people on pairing wine with food (or in my case, wine with whining). This was his response:

Get away from Mondavi and branch out to Argentina's Gascon Malbec 2006. Same idea, better state of mind (think Javier Bardem in leather and smoke with a whole lot of berries). You will not be disappointed.

This is a person who KNOWS exactly how to describe wine in terms I can understand and appreciate. Telling me that a certain wine tastes like Javier Bardem looks in leather? Suddenly I felt MUCH better.


The [Cherry] Ride said...

I too like the idea of Javier Bardem with a whole lot of berries.

Glad you are doing better.

Astrogirl said...

What a funky month - I have been getting emails, similar to the one you sent out, from friends and relations all February long. I've also wanted to send out an email like that several times this month (except for not having any wine in the house, darn it all).

I hope everyone's month improves, and we all get to enjoy lovely images like Javier Bardem in leather (sigh). Mind if I borrow that image? :)

Kat said...

A bit off topic but you know after the mention of Javier Bardem well I gotta come out and say it.

It is almost March and I am looking forward to Javi's "Putting the Hump in Humpday" post. LoL

Stacey said...

Clearly I am not tasting my wines well enough. How in all that is good and holy did I miss that a wine could taste like that? Seriously!?! The picture that he painted . . . I'm in the library TRYING to study right now. I think I may have to leave. And move to Argentina.

Spammon said...

Javier Bardem in leather and smoke? I just hope he doesn't come out smelling like feet wrapped in leathery burnt bacon.

ALF said...

good friends are a real treasure!

texAAsgirl said...

Skip the wine...go for Corona Limon, then skip the Corona and do shots of the Bacardi Limon....It will make everything better - and I mean everything! The nice cold floors in the bar become so refreshing - if only the bouncer didn't make me get up....

Angela WD said...

I think I'll have a bottle of that, too. Yum.

Jules said...

@CherryRide(Dieter): What could be wrong in the world when you're along in a room with Javier and a whole lot of berries, right? (I could even do without the berries, if we're getting technical here). It's a drool-worthy image, to be sure. Thanks.... x

@Astrogirl: I think it's just a part of February funk! This month and the weather that comes along with it lasts about 28 days too long in my book. You are a brave woman to be without wine in the house. I always try to have one on hand, even if it's in an In Case of Emergency, break glass (and drink straight from the bottle) stash box in my kitchen! I hope everyone's Feb improves, too, and I am more than happy to share with you the image of Javi in leather. Borrow it ALL YOU LIKE!

@Kat: I know, I'm late with February's Humpday (Bergfest!) post, but OMG, it's totally worth it. Wednesday is the big reveal day. Of course Javier is going to be March's "hump" (ahhhh, I wish it was for real) so you'll still have to wait a little while but the upcoming Wednesday post for Feb's COMES WITH ACTUAL AUTOGRAPHED (not by me, by the man of the month!) PRIZES!!!

@Stacey: Getting that email from him was literally like opening up a door inside my mind that I never even knew was there. I will have so much more fun at the next wine tasting I go to, because NOW I CAN RELATE TO WINE IN A VERY INTIMATE WAY.... and I totally hope that it calls me the next day. Also, you have a roommate in me if you up and move to Argentina. Don't even get me started on how good that sounds right now!

@Spammon: I love me some Robot Chicken! The best part of that particular short you linked to is "Get your 7'2" asthmatic ass back here or I'm going to tell everyone what a whiny bitch you were about padamame or panda bear or whatever the hell her name is!" I'm of the belief that no matter what, Javier smells like heaven. To some people heaven might be the smell of feet wrapped in leathery burnt bacon, that's not what I envision as my first sensory experience when he finally comes to his senses and calls me (Jeremy doesn't mind because Javi is on my "list".)

@Alf: You got that right, especially if "treasure" means that they are able to drive you to distraction by using my favorite men as wine descriptors. I don't know how these "treasures" of mine think I'm going to get any actual work done this week with the kind of thoughts running through my head.

@TexAAsGirl: Skip the wine? SKIP THE WINE? Did you read that description? I will leave the skipping of that wine up to you because that is a wine I WILL NEVER, EVER SKIP. ;)

@AngelaWD: Funny that my local wine shop is currently out of it. I mean sad, not funny. See, I'm so upset they're out of it right now that I'm getting my emotions all confused.

Ree said...

ha! I've heard Argentinian wine is special.