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Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Because it's going to be winter eventually

These are ACTUAL MITTENS that you can ACTUALLY BUY!

Good news, smokers! Someone has designed mittens just for you. The best part: they come in black, to match your lungs.


Melisa said...

YIKES! That's disgusting.

I had a little chuckle in my head when I read the end of your sentence, "to match your lungs", because I discovered you could also replace it with that famous line from Triumph, the Insult Comic Dog:
"for you to poop on!"

Kat said...

Hahaha, you did not make this up and this is not a fake? This is great stuff...I can't believe someone would design something like this and who would actually want to be caught sporting this "thing". Great stuff as I said. You just made my day.

Jules said...

I know, they seem out of the mind of a maniac, but I didn't make them up! Just click on the hot link and you'll see the actual product page. Good times!

Manic Mom said...


HILARIOUS! and they match their lungs. Love it!