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Thursday, April 24, 2008

You are, literally, the sunshine of my life

A Ben Sunshine-y day in Puerto Rico

Happy Birthday, Benny!
I don't know why it took 26 years for our lives to intersect, but it did. I heard about and saw photos of you for several years before we actually met, though. Your devoted "bowling wife" had so many stories to tell, and ended each one by telling me how much I would just love love love you when she introduced us.

A Sunshine & a Shoni

Luckily, we finally did get to meet during one of my trips back to NYC way back when. When planning my visit, Shoni insisted that no matter what night of the week I flew in on, I couldn't leave until Monday so that I would get to go to Sunday night bowling at Chelsea Piers. We clicked immediately, and I'm so happy to have had you in my life for all of this time (thanks, Shoni!)!

Check out the color of your tongue! Wonder how it got so red? (Looks like blurry-faced Eric is wondering the same!)

Ahh, here is the source of the red tongue!

Photographic evidence of the best New Year's Eve thus far, and I'm not just saying that because Dr. Jason's ass is resting in my hands (which it has an open invitation to do any day of the year).

Thoughts of you are of the kindest and most open person on the planet. Thoughts of the kindest and most open person on the planet are of YOU. You're it. It's you. There is an unmistakable warmth about you that cannot be duplicated. People have tried and failed, believe me. I have met the impostors, and they will never get it right no matter how hard they try.

Your bowling wife, her boyfriend Chris (Wait a minute! How did she get so lucky? She can't just go around claiming all the best men! Well, at least she shares), me and you; at Barrage, NYC.

She was right about love love loving you, I really do. I'm not alone in that, though, since everyone who meets you feels the same way. Truthfully, we're all just a bunch of planets revolving around you, Mr. Sunshine. YOU ARE YOUR NAME! xoxoxo


Christy said...

That is the sweetest thing...and I don't even know the guy! I think we all often waste a lot of energy telling people about the negative things about others, so it's really nice to see the opposite. By the way, can I get you to write my eulogy?

Colleen said...

Very nicely written...

Spammon said...

I once saw this picture in a National Geographic mag of some african tribe that drinks blood from a cow. And it looked exactly like that drink in his hand. And they all had red tongues like that. I'm not saying that he's drinking blood, but if he was, that's just crazy. A guy at my work ate my left over chicken bone on Tuesday and sucked out the marrow. I have no idea what this has to do with your post, but I don't know Ben but he seems real cool. He wouldn't have to suck out bone marrow to be cool, but drinking blood qualifies.

Also, explain the love triangle between his wife and her boyfriend. I'm confused. But then again, bowling leagues do create a lot of sexual tension.

Taj said...

We all need a Ben Sunshine in our life! And what is that he's drinking? I totally need to try whatever it is.

Now about Dr. Jason's ass. I know there is a great story there! Huh? Huh?

ben sunshine said...

Firstly, Jules you are the bestest in the world and you need to live in New York with us!! Thanks for such a great "tribute" for me. Secondly, I'd like to clarify the drink that caused the bloody looking tongue, it was in fact simply Absolut & Cranberry although who knows exactly what brand Cranberry it was which is probably the culprit..anyways thanks again Jules, love you -
Ben Sunshine

Melisa said...

Happy Birthday Ben Sunshine! :)

From Jules' sis

Linds said...

You're lucky to have Mr. Sunshine as a friend... and he's lucky to have you! I like the post and the pics!

I thought maybe some cough syrup had turned his tongue red!?! I'm so naive.

Sauntering Soul said...

Happy Birthday Ben Sunshine! You sound like a terrific friend to have in the world. Jules is a lucky gal!

House of Jules said...

@Christy: Thanks! Ben Sunshine IS the sweetest thing, so it's a fitting tribute! My good friend Amy started blogging before I did and the line she wrote for me near the end of THIS POST meant so much that I knew I'd have to do similar tributes for my loved ones, and it only made sense to do it on their birthdays. You know that saying youth is wasted on the young? I think eulogies are wasted on the dead; and probably the only better feeling than reading something positive written about yourself (like I did in that post Amy wrote) is writing something positive about someone you love!

@Colleen: Thanks!

@Spammon: HA! Yeah, I'm glad Benny got on here himself and straightened you out on the cow's blood thing. I may never look at a vodka cranberry the same way again. The guy sucking marrow out of your lunch made me gag a little bit. Lucky for me, Ben hasn't done either of those things (not in front of me, anyway; and I've seen him do lots of things) and he's the coolest.

As for the "love triangle", it's not that complicated, but it is less a triangle and more an octagon. Or a rhombus. I don't know which. Let me put it this way, when Shoni & I go out with all our friends (aka "The Boys") in that New Year's photo...Ben (her "husband") and Chris (her "boyfriend") included, we have to confirm that we're not, ALL OF US, gunning for the same man. However, I agree that those bowling leagues are typically dens of lust. Which is why I always accompany her on Sunday nights on my visits to NYC.

@Taj: YES, we all need Ben Sunshine in our lives! So, so true! Oooh, Dr. Jason's ass resting in my hands... it is a glorious thing. Dr. Jason is a real doctor (which is one of the first questions my sister asked about him when she first started hearing stories) and is the type of man who will come up, get all hands-y (in a good way) and then say, "It's ok, I'm a doctor." He likes to do impromptu breast exams, you know. It's because he's concerned about my (and Shoni's and whoever's!) health! Of course I have many photos of these instances, and he said they're only for insurance purposes. Heh...! He's also great to have around for teaching dirty words in sign language, too. LOVE him. Man, I have some great friends! Though since he was also in that New Year's photo, what I wrote to Spammon above is also the same for Dr. Jason. We have to make sure we're not after the same dudes when we go out. ;)

@Benny: YOU are the best, obviously! I'll see you soon! AND I'm going to belatedly birthday spank you, so assume the position! xoxooxo

@Linds: I an definitely lucky! Cough syrup is a great guess! I'm glad he's not drinking THAT out of a glass though. That could indicate some kind of problem!

@Sauntering: You got that right!