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Friday, April 11, 2008

Unleash the Motherf**king Moonwalk!

I found this spoof on the Ad Council "Parental Guide" posters and knew it would be the perfect thing to carry you through the rest of your workday and into the weekend. Even if you don't have any kids you will enjoy it, as evidenced by the fact that I laughed for probably MUCH longer than the average stressed-out parent. Or maybe because I'm not a stressed-out parent, I laughed at this. Either way, I laughed and I hope you will, too:

Click for maximum enjoyment.

While we're on this subject, here is proof those clever Brits can also think up new ways to get old messages across:

Here's a tip... try counting out loud (even if you have to do it under your breath).

You're welcome! Now get out there and unleash the motherf**king moonwalk!

Source of brilliant motherf**king moonwalk unleashment.


Colleen said...

Wow is that funny! (And my boss is here today - I *really* shouldn't be laughing out loud. I should at least ATTEMPT to make it look like I'm working.) I think I should print out that poster and hang it in my office.

Melissa said...

Ok, the moon walking bear made me LMAO!

Melek said...

love the moonwalk poster!!! who's the king of pop NOW, bitch? hahahaha

happy Friday!

Spammon said...

Forget the moonwalking bear, one of the recommended videos at the end was the interview with Nathan Sharratt. The man behind the Big Daddy costume. That thing was freaking awesome! Geeks like me are quite envious.

5 of 9er said...

Love the awkward silence!

Rob said...

Oh yeah! Either I am stressed out or that is seriously f'ing funny!

I just discovered that laughing quietly in your cube so as not to get caught blogging at work sounds REMARKABLY like crying silently.

Kat said...

Still giggeling.
Have a fantastic weekend!

KathyLikesPink said...

OH MY GOD. I was so proud of myself for getting correct answer of white team passes - when the voice asked about the bear I was all, "WHAA???? There was a bear???"

Had to call my daughter in to watch - she did the same thing.


chasing fireflies said...
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Kathy said...

Hey, I just stumbled into your blog via finslippy and I love it!! That diagram on the moonwalk is hilarious.

texAAsgirl said...

Moonwalk - HAHA - I actually did the dance to that superman song & my son videotaped it on his phone. He bursts out laughing uncontrollably everytime he watches it. The things we do to bond and show our kids we still 'have it' (whatever "it" might be. I just pretend he's laughing with me - not at me!

Rob said...

I am not too worried about the cyclists, I only run down sherpas.

The [Cherry] Ride said...

Holy crap, those were both awesome.

On a related note: It's official - I am never going to be a parent. This morning in Starbucks there was a mother with three screaming children directly in front of me in line. While I should have felt sympathetic towards the poor mother, all I could think was "Why did this bitch bring her kids in here? She should stay at home."

Jules said...

@Colleen: Don't you just hate it when your BOSS is around and you have to behave?! :)

@Melissa: I know, right? When they showed it in the 2nd part of the video, I didn't believe it was even THERE in the first part, I thought it was a joke, so I ran it back to the first part to make sure. I was REALLY concentrating on those passes!

@Melek: I cannot tell you how many times since I first saw that poster that I've used that phrase. It's especially funny to say it in the middle of a conversation with people who have no idea what you're talking about. Seriously, try it. Heh...

@Spammon: Yet another thing you've educated me on. I had no idea who or what Nathan Sharratt OR Big Daddy (besides the Sandler flick of the same name) was. That costume was all kinds of insane!

@5of9er: Awkward silences are a-plenty between teenage daughters and their fathers. If my dad had unleashed the motherf**king moonwalk on me when I was younger, I would have laughed my ass off!

@Rob: The image of you laughing quietly while your co-working assume you're weeping at your desk will make me LAUGH. FOR. DAYS. That sounds like a terribly cruel reaction, but holy god, it's so funny.

@Kat: Giggle away! It's good for you!

@Kathylikespink: I know! I was the same way! Except I don't have a daughter to show. Which is why I showed all of you guys!

@Kris/ChasingFireflies: They should launch a study on the people who were focused on the bear right away. I'm fascinated that you blocked everything else out!

@Kathy: YAY Finslippy! Welcome to the HoJ!

@TexAAsgirl: I need to see that video. Have your son email it to me. I swear (fingers crossed behind my back) that I won't put it on this here blog for all to see.

@Rob: With your plane? In the Himalayas?

@CherryRide: I just pictured you in line at Starbucks behind those children and laughed. If you were in this neighborhood, the mom would have been in there buying the KIDS fraps, seemingly ignoring the effects of caffeine on already over-stimulated children. Good times! You didn't mention anything about the dad being there, so technically you could still be a parent.

Stacey said...

No moonwalk from my dad. My dad was Red Foreman before Red Foreman was cool.

kristabella said...

Bwhahahah! That was hilarious!

Who's the King of Pop, bitch?


Anonymous said...

Yo Jules:
OMG, that is SO funny. Yet another reason I MUST learn how to moonwalk!

Yo Cherry Ride:
You could still be a parent. I use to think like that, and still do. The difference is whether or not the kid gets a public @ss beating when it's not behaving. Typically if they do then they won't be doing it in the first place. Now when I see stuff like that I think something like "WTF isn't that woman beating her kid's @ss right now!?" and/or "That kid is lucky he/she is not mine because I'd be bustin' that @ss". I'm of the discipline whenever discipline is needed state of mind. Which might explain why I get horrified looks from people in parking lots and grocery stores, but you gotta do what you gotta do. It might also explain why I need to learn the moonwalk asap!