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Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Sting's 30 years of fame versus Max Headroom's 15 minutes of lame

Here are some shots of The Englishman in New York at Madison Square Garden this past Sunday night, to be exact.

He may be the King of Pain but I'm here to tell you that I'd have a serious problem keeping my hands off of His Royal Highness' heiney.

Someone must have asked him how he'd respond if I was standing right in front of him onstage:

His song lyrics say, "Don't stand so close to me", but his lips are saying something else altogether.

What is this shot abstractly reminiscent of?

Forever battling that Red Light with those baby blues.

Ahh yes, if you squint, you'll see an ever-so-slight resemblance:

M-M-M-ax Headroom, pop culture creation for 2 seconds in 1988.

Sting wins.

Photos taken by House of Jules Remote Correspondent, Shula. Thanks Shu!


Dawn said...

I actually SAW Sting on the Englishman in New York tour....lo those many years ago.

Must be all that yoga

Jules said...

Yoga, and also that he probably has someone on his staff who shucks corn for him. Hope you've recovered from the staircase incident!