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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Gentlemen, to bed!

I love anyone who can make me laugh my face off, and Steve Coogan is one of those people. If you don't know who Steve Coogan is, but you enjoy British humor, you should get busy acquainting yourself with everything he's ever done. He's currently making the rounds doing interviews for The Trip, his film with Rob Brydon made from their improvised BBC show of the same name, starring fictionalized versions of themselves.

Here is a brief description from the wiki page:

"In an effort to impress his gourmand American girlfriend, Misha, Steve Coogan has accepted a commission from The Observer newspaper to go on a restaurant tour of the north of England. However, when Misha (who was meant to accompany him on the trip) insists that they take a break from their relationship and returns to America, Steve is forced to invite colleague and friend-of-sorts Rob Brydon.
Throughout the series the two constantly bicker and attempt to undermine and outdo each other, especially in the presence of any attractive women they encounter. Steve has a number of one-night stands but is increasingly revealed to be in a rut both professionally and personally: at one point – as Steve gets stuck attempting to cross a river using a series of stepping stones – Rob shouts out to him, "You're stuck in a metaphor!"
The competitive atmosphere between the two is occasionally broken by passages of amicable and spontaneous comic improvisation, with each riffing off the other's ideas."

I tweeted this after hearing Steve interviewed on NPR:

I was at work when this interview aired, so it was both incredible and awful to laugh like that at my desk, especially since the main part of our office is open-plan. I literally started sweating from laughing so hard. Imagine my delight and surprise when I found the exact clip on YouTube. Thanks, internet! Now I can share it with you here! Watch this immediately:

"They always say something like, Gentlemen, to bed! For we leave at first light. Tomorrow we battle and we may lose our lives. But remember, death is but a moment. Cowardice is a lifetime of affliction. To bed, for we rise at daybreak! They always leave at daybreak. They never leave at, you know, 9:30. Gentlemen, to bed! For we leave at 9:30. Ish. Gentlemen, to bed, for we rise at...what time is the battle? Around 12 o'clock? 12 o'clock, on horseback? About 3 hours? So, we leave about 8? 8:30? Gentlemen, to bed! For we leave at 8:30, for 9. And we rise at...just after daybreak...7:30. Gentlemen, to bed! For we leave at 9:30 ON THE DOT. ON THE DOT. To bed! Tomorrow, we rise, we leave at 10-ish. But now, to bed. Unless, you are one of those people, like me, who finds it very hard to get off after he's eaten cheese. In which case, stay awhile by the fire! Talk of battles past and old. And then, and only then sire, go thee to bed, and sleep well. Sleep the sleep of 1,000 martyrs. Sleep well, my brother. Sleep well, my brother. Sleep well, my sister. But please, do not sleep with my sister. Leave my sister out of it, alright? Leave my sister alone. Don't touch her! Gentlemen, to bed! For at daybreak, we will breakfast. Sire, 'tis a continental breakfast. It will only take 20 minutes max...."

I mean, I can't even breathe because I'm laughing too hard and I've watched this clip 10 times in the past 2 days. Love. Since I've never seen the show and didn't even KNOW it was a show until Josh informed me (thanks, Wilty!), I'm counting the minutes until I see this movie.

Here's the official trailer:

When they have the Michael Caine impression-off, I cry laughing. When Coogan does his Alan Partridge "Ah haaaa!", I die. If you like Brit humor, but have never seen his Alan Partridge series, get on it.

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Lady Estrogen said...

Bahahaa - awesome.
Yes, I love them - so funny.
A Cock & Bull Story? Ummm.. yeah.