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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Heavy Things

Infidelity is not okay.

Domestic violence is not okay.

Acceptance of either is a crime against yourself.

Speak up. Get help. Get out.



Gene said...

Donating a few bucks to a family shelter is okay!

House of Jules said...

@Gene: Yup! So is volunteering for shelters!

Spammon said...

Skim milk is NOT OKAY.

House of Jules said...

@Spammon: ONLY you. (I did giggle, though...)

NerdyRedneck Rob said...

{Sigh} At one time I was a volunteer at a battered women’s shelter. I had to quit. Women would come in all bruised and bloody, their children having haunted looks in their eyes and every single time, they would go back to the bastard and drag the poor children along with them..

The third time I saw the same woman drag her kids back into the madness (oh he has changed *this time*!) I just could not take it anymore.

I still dream about their little haunted eyes.

Sorry if that was TMI.

House of Jules said...

@Rob: That was not TMI. I do some pro bono work for a women's shelter, too... it is something that sticks with me, the eyes not only of the children but also the women. I know exactly what you mean.

My frustration bubbles up when there is a lack of anger. When it's just accepted as the way things are... makes me crazy (and how very sad it would be to be in that state of mind, where getting abused is accepted.)